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The Beauty is a chilling and poetic journey through a fascinating underwater world, where plastic and nature become one. Watch the film to explore eerily beautiful coral reefs and mysterious depths of the ocean.

The Beauty
Short Film

For Argentinian photographer and filmmaker Camila Torres, living within touching distance of the ocean is what gives her peace. She is determined that we free our seas from plastic. Read the interview to learn more about her journey.

Dreams of Finding Peace in a Plastic-Free Ocean
Camila Torres
4 min read

How a nation deals with plastics can have effects well beyond its borders—and some governments are more guilty than others. Read the explainer to discover which countries are and aren’t leading the way on combating plastic pollution.

Plastic Policy

The Best and Worst Countries

Act Now

Stop the Shark Fin Trade in Europe

Around 273 million sharks are killed every year—and Europe is one of the top exporters and traders of their fins. Join the movement to help get justice for sharks and end the trade of fins in the EU.

Discover Tide Turners

Follow one Tide Turner each month as they tackle their greatest challenges and make hopeful progress for the environment and in their communities.

Explore a Marine Protected Area

Marine Conservation Institute’s Hannah Hindley offers a window into how Tanzania’s first managed marine protected area seeks balance as the pandemic drags on. Read the article to discover her conversation with ranger Ali Chagga.

A Ranger’s View
Hannah Hindley
7 min read