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What updates has Only One made to its impact plans since July 1, 2024?

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Are you a registered nonprofit organization?

How do 100% of funds go directly to impact?

Who conducts the work on the ground?

How do you show my impact?

Where can I view updates on my projects and campaigns?

Is my plan tax deductible?

How do I redeem my free Oceanographic digital subscription?


How does my signature make a difference?

Do you provide regular campaign updates?

How do you decide which campaigns to focus on?

Can I do more than just add my name to campaigns?

How do you ensure campaigns are inclusive and backed by science?


What is Only One?

Are you a registered nonprofit organization?

Is my donation tax-deductible?

What do your campaigns achieve?

What do I get with a monthly impact plan?

How do you maintain transparency?

Where is your team based?

SMS program

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still text Only One?

What can I expect if I sign up?

How can I opt out?

Where can I find more details about your SMS program?