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The Greatest Sanctuary


The race to protect Antarctica’s future

What happens on this remote continent will impact communities around the world. Three new marine protected areas would offer much-needed resilience to climate change. Can we rally to protect Antarctica in 2021?

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A Delicate Balance

Life in Antarctica hangs in the balance. Can we rally to protect it?


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Antarctic Lifetime

Dion Poncet was born in Antarctica but today he is watching it melt away.


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Changing Continent

Warmer weather and rain leaves a colony of penguin chicks stuck in the mud.


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Antarctic Krill

These tiny crustaceans are the foundation of the food web in Antarctica.


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Leopard Seals

A game of catch and release occurs with a curious and charismatic leopard seal.


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Protecting Antarctica

Humanity has the opportunity to create the Greatest Sanctuary on Earth.


Why Antarctica’s future is our future

The Greatest Sanctuary: The race for increased marine protection in Antarctica

Antarctica and the Global Climate: What happens here doesn’t stay here

Long Reads

Unique insights into an intricate and vibrant web of marine life

A Global Call for Ocean Protection History in Antarctica
Philippe Cousteau
9 min read
Honoring Life in the Ice
Paul Nicklen
8 min read
A Blueprint for Protecting the Land of Ice
John Weller
14 min read
The Secret Life of Antarctic Krill
Rodolfo Werner
11 min read

Quick Reads

Art and advocacy for Antarctica

Zaria Forman

Putting color to the climate crisis

Krill Fishing Restrictions

New hope for marine life in the Southern Ocean

Short Films

The impact of the climate crisis on Antarctica

Retreat of the Penguins
Short Film
Tipping Point
Short Film


Help create the Greatest Sanctuary on Earth

Antarctica: Secure the Largest Act of Ocean Protection in History

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Contributors A-Z

Andy Mann
Photographer & filmmaker
Cristina Mittermeier
Co-founder, SeaLegacy & Only One