We’re an open book and prove all of our impact.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we publish regular updates on all of our projects and campaigns.

Impact Report 2023

A year of collaboration and progress for the ocean

Each year, we carry out an in-depth health check of the movement and publish an annual report featuring impact highlights supported by our community. We dive into campaigns and crowdfunded projects, highlight our trusted partners, and reflect on how we can make even better progress in future years.

Shawn Heinrichs
Ryan Borne / Coral Gardeners

100% Model

We track all of our impact — every tree planted, every gram of carbon pollution removed, every action taken on every campaign. We send 100% of funds donated to solutions directly to the field and update our dashboard to prove this every quarter.


Thomas Horig

The Current

The Current is a group of conscientious, diverse, and mission-aligned supporters who take a real interest in the vision of Only One and support the team’s work. Their contributions fund our operations and strategic work.

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