At Only One, we show up every day for each other and for the planet.

Asther Lau Choon Siew

Our Team

We’re spread across the globe, helped by specialist experts and advisors, and united in our belief that real change is possible.

Aaron Kinnari

Head of Growth

A New York native with a background in business and politics, Aaron loves the opportunity to trade a business suit for a swimsuit and jump in the ocean when traveling.

New York, United States

Alex Sumaila

Senior Frontend Engineer

Alex is a lover of sport and nature who spends time watching and playing football, tennis, and video games with friends and family.

Abuja, Nigeria

Anaya Harrison

Climate Intern on the Growth Team

A graduate student studying urban affairs and public policy, Anaya Harrison, has a deep love and appreciation for all the beauty that the natural world has to offer.

Delaware, USA

Bastien Roll

Senior Director of Marketing

Ex-techie turned ocean advocate, Bastien spends most of his free time in the water chasing waves, wind, or depths.

Paris, France

Ben Wolman

Communications Manager

With a background in earth science and urban planning, Ben is awestruck by our planet — and our power to change it. An advocate of sustainable environments both built and natural, he can be found valiantly attempting to stargaze from his NYC apartment.

New York, United States

Carrie Chau Hellinger

Marketing Manager

A former culinary and hospitality publicist, Carrie is always dreaming of her next adventure. She feels most alive exploring a new destination or out in nature, especially near the water.

Georgia, United States

Chad Richmond

Director of Post-Production

An artist with an education in biology, Chad dedicates his filmmaking career to inspiring people to take action. His favorite pastime is surfing and exploring beautiful coastlines.

Carlsbad, United States

Dani Neuharth-Keusch

Senior Manager of Development & Engagement

A marine biology nerd with an organizer's heart, Dani has spent her career building strong grassroots organizations and empowering communities to secure a future where all can thrive.

Austin, Texas

Danny Mallas Pereira

Senior Director of Product Management

Made breathless by the power and beauty of the ocean, Danny is driven by the joy of solving problems while leading people and products to their best versions. In her free time, she is often in nature, surfing, sailing, or cooking with loved ones.

Biarritz, France

Dean Fischer

Head of Product

Geographer turned tech-entrepreneur, Dean’s always looking for new ways to help the planet. When not building Only One, he’ll be writing music, renovating, or getting lost in the woods.

Inverness, Scotland

Dorothy Sanders

Head of Design & Experience

An eco-entrepreneur since the age of eight, Dorothy never feels more alive than when at the top of a mountain she’s climbed. Or designing the next ambitious project.

Inverness, Scotland

Erik Tobeler

Senior Video Editor

Erik, a video editor based in Colorado, draws inspiration from his love of skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking rooted in his upbringing on the Great Lakes.

Colorado, United States

Hannah Fine

Senior Director of Campaigns

Hannah has been destined to work in climate and ocean advocacy since she adopted her first manatee at age seven. She is happiest when near a body of water or at the theater.

New York, United States

Jeremiah Kittredge


With a background in education and politics, Jeremiah is a lifelong ocean lover. Though watching him surf, you’d never know! He lives with his wife, children, and two dogs.

New York, United States

Jessica Metro

Senior Director of Product Design

Passionate about doing the most good for the world, Metro is driven to design products that tackle the world’s most complex problems. She feels most at ease at the top of a mountain or under the water.

Barcelona, Spain

Joanna Marcus

Senior Manager of Art and Media

Joanna is a designer and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, whose love for wildlife, climate justice, and art found a way to collide.

Toronto, Canada

John Meisner

Campaign Manager

John is a digital creative with a background in science. His passion for the natural world often has him in the backcountry of British Columbia where he spends his time adventuring on his bike or skis.

Whistler, Canada

John Weller

Photographer, Writer, Filmmaker, Senior Fellow of Only One

An acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, and writer, John has worked in defense of the ocean for nearly 20 years. He helped lead the global campaign to secure the world’s largest marine protected area in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

Kara McCarthy

Head of People Operations

Passionate about being the change and difference for good in the world, Kara spends her time finding beauty in everyday adventures.

Webster Grove, United States

Kate Sutter

Community Manager

A scuba instructor and experienced ocean communicator, on her days off you can find Kate exploring shipwrecks, finding the best burritos in town, or planning her next dive trip.

Boston, United States

Katie Lin

Senior Director of Content

When she’s not unpacking creative briefs, Katie can be found on a beach or forest trail with her daughter and dog. Or tuning out all the noise with a true crime podcast.

Qualicum, Canada

Maïssa Rababy

Head of Content

Lebanese at heart, Maïssa grew up between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. Most of the year, you’ll find her on a surfboard or a pair of skis.

Paris, France

Matěj Moleš

Campaign Manager

Born in the snowy Czech mountains, Matěj’s thirst for knowledge brought him to sunny South Africa. Equipped with political savvy, oceanic wisdom, and a surfboard, catch him in the water hanging ten/on for dear life, smiling either way.

South Africa

Omar Zaki

Video Editor

A perpetual adventurer and challenge seeker, driven by an unending curiosity and influenced by their passion for martial arts, skateboarding, & filmmaking. Living in Cairo and Miami, he has embraced diverse cultures, immersing themselves in thrilling experiences while constantly pushing their limits.

Cairo, Egypt

Paul Farning

Senior Frontend Engineer

From his roots in the Midwest, Paul followed a path of skateboarding, snowboarding, and rock ’n’ roll, and first experienced the ocean on the Pacific Northwest Coast of the United States.

Vermont, United States

Priscilla Tran

Climate Intern on the Growth Team

Growing up in forests of Washington, Priscilla spends all her free time outside. Whether it is climbing, hiking, or skiing, you can always find her somewhere in the mountains.

Issaquah, Washington

Shawn Heinrichs

Photographer, Conservationist, Co-Founder of Only One

Fueled by his passion for the ocean, Shawn fuses dramatic imagery with intimate and thought-provoking stories to connect the global community to threatened marine species and habitats.

Trevor Jones

Campaign Manager

Someone who loves to be both surrounded by people and isolated in nature, Trevor values the dualities within each of us and hopes to leave the world a better place than he found it.

New York, United States

Zoë Sanders

Senior Manager of Impact Communications

An arts writer who later fell under the ocean’s spell and never looked back, Zoë loves going cold water swimming in the sea in her home city on the south east coast of England.

Brighton & Hove, England

Our Board

We’re guided by an experienced, engaged board that’s as passionate about saving the planet as we are.

Our Ambassadors

We’re fortunate to have a growing community of ocean ambassadors from diverse fields, rallying their networks to do good for the planet.

Our Core Values

A culture of teamwork and transparency



We focus on helping the ocean and climate movement achieve the scale and impact truly needed, through bold investments in storytelling, base-building, and campaigns. We challenge ourselves and our supporters to think big and long term, look beyond convention, and strive for excellence every day.



We innovate, rather than duplicate, leveraging user-oriented technology solutions, world-class content, and an impact-driven team to fill longtime gaps in our movement. We make strategic investments in new and sometimes unproven approaches, yet are clear-eyed in assessing their effectiveness.



We work to instill hope, energy, and enthusiasm in our supporters, team members, and wider community. We maintain a growth mindset, breaking down the barriers of apathy and exhaustion, turning challenges into impactful opportunities, and offering everyone the chance to be part of the solution.



We value inclusivity and believe that everyone has a unique and critical role to play in healing our planet. We support ocean and climate advocates and storytellers with diverse experiences and goals, acting as a bridge of connectivity and an amplification tool for their voices and impact.

Join the crew

We’re serious about restoring ocean health and tackling the climate crisis in this generation. We’re also serious about building a culture that prioritizes well-being at work in a world that is often stressful. We look for people to join our team who will uplift others and be inspired to maximize their impact for the planet.

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