Only One is the action platform for the planet.

We’re on a mission to restore ocean health and tackle the climate crisis in this generation — with you.
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We mobilize millions to win global campaigns.


We fund the world’s best ocean and climate solutions.


We tell stories that spark change for people and planet.

3,588,467 actions taken

Ocean protected

343,865 km²

Next milestone: 1,000,000

Trees planted


Next milestone: 6,000,000

Plastic removed

217,944 kg

Next milestone: 300,000

Corals planted


Next milestone: 150,000

Carbon reduced

17,892.8 t

Next milestone: 20,000

Our Approach

The most powerful solutions, accelerated.

We support only the most impactful projects and campaigns. They harness the latest science, prioritize the most affected communities, and are independently verified.

100% goes to the field

Every cent donated via our monthly plans goes to the field. We even cover card processing fees, so it really is 100% and we’re audited annually to prove it.

We prove all our impact

We work with policy experts and community leaders to bring you real-time campaign progress. We track every cent allocated to our trusted project partners.

We’re a U.S. nonprofit

We’re supported by some of the most trusted names in philanthropy. We value transparency and every year we publish our financials and an annual impact report.

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Why now? Why you?

You have the power

Government action is too slow, but when millions of us mobilize together, leaders have to act. We tell you when and why campaigns matter and how you can help.

We know what to do

The answers are already out there. We just need to implement them — fast. We connect every cent you give to the world’s most impactful projects.

It’s easy to get started

Today’s crises can be overwhelming, but when we act together, small steps have big impact. We’ll help you get started with actions that resonate with you.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Our Commitment

Local projects, global impact.

Tackling climate change presents us with an incredible opportunity to accelerate sustainable development and build a fairer, more just world. We prioritize projects that benefit the most affected communities, and champion campaigns that fight for environmental justice.

Project selection process

Campaign focus areas

Our Community

There is only one way to save our planet. Together.

Our strength comes from our network of partners and supporters. We connect with scientists, community leaders, innovators, and activists from around the globe. Together, we take a collaborative, research-driven approach to identify targeted, nature-based solutions that can sustain wide-reaching impact.

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