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We make it easy for anyone, anywhere to help secure lasting change in the fight for our ocean and planet.

Three key issues will decide the future of our ocean.

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Fix the Climate

We advance efforts to cool our warming world by preserving ecosystems that regulate our climate and prevent excess carbon emissions.

Protect Wildlife

Up to 150 species are lost forever every day, so we fight for major protections that can help prevent mass extinction.

Stop Plastics

We tackle the entire life cycle of plastics, from production to pollution, moving us toward a plastic-free future.

Recent Victory

$700 million and counting pledged by governments to the Loss and Damage Fund to support countries vulnerable to climate change

Through revelatory short films, creative exhibitions at COP28, a special edition magazine takeover, and a petition and social media content that rallied 30,000+ supporters, Only One partnered with the Alliance of Small Island States to drive leaders across the world to operationalize and finance the first-ever Loss and Damage Fund.

Featured campaigns

Local campaign

Stop the Cruel Dolphin Hunt in the Faroe Islands

We’ve given nearly 350,000 people a voice in the effort to end an annual dolphin hunt off the shores of the Faroe Islands. The 2021 hunt, which saw more than 1,400 white-sided dolphins slaughtered in a matter of hours, shocked the world — but by keeping the international pressure up, meaningful regulation is within reach.

National campaign

Support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

We’ve amplified the most progressive national plastics legislation in U.S. history. Since launching, our platform has featured artists from across the country, rallied 60,000+ petition signatures, and run targeted advertising campaigns in key states. We have the potential to radically change the way the U.S. and other countries approach the plastics crisis.

Global campaign

Protect Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

We’ve produced extensive content to establish three marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, extending over 4 million km2. Since launching, our coalition has delivered more than 1.5 million signatures to major world leaders such as French president Emmanuel Macron with a clear message: what happens in Antarctica will be felt across the world.

Want to partner with us on a campaign?

Only One strives to focus on both the most critical and the most underserved issues affecting the ocean and planet — but our team can’t catch everything. If there is an environmental threat that you feel is not getting the attention it deserves, we want to hear from you.

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