Brand Guidelines

Explore Only One’s brand guidelines, and help communicate the importance of restoring our ocean and tackling the climate crisis.


Primary logo for use in print and digital when the space allows for it. Ensure logo is large enough to be legible at all sizes, if it proves illegible at a small size switch over to the secondary logo.


Core colors to be used are Black, White, Grey-50 and Primary Indigo. These help to provide contrast and a subtle indication of the brand while allowing images and videos to do most of the work.

Colour use

Alternative colours shown here. Indigo should be the primary logo use with black and white being used to increase legibility.


Primary typeface is Whyte by Dinamo foundry. It should predominately be used in Regular with Medium being used where more contrast is needed; often at smaller sizes.

❤️ Thanks to Dinamo Type Foundry