Four solutions that supersize impact for people and planet.

With our monthly membership, fund projects that support four crucial solutions for ocean and climate health.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Restore mangrove forests

These remarkable ocean trees can store four times more carbon than rainforests on land.

Remove carbon pollution

Protect coastlines from storms

Provide wildlife with a safe haven

Rebuild coral reefs

Reefs are home to 25% of marine species, but face an existential threat from global warming.

Plant stress-resistant “super corals”

Support alternative livelihoods

Protect endangered ocean creatures

Stop ocean plastic

Plastic that enters the ocean kills wildlife and eventually finds its way into our bodies, but we can stop the tide of pollution.

Clean up critically polluted ecosystems

Track every gram of plastic removed

Support locally-led programs

Reduce carbon pollution

We only support high-quality, independently verified carbon projects that secure long-term emissions reductions.

Balance your carbon footprint

Stop emissions from deforestation

Support alternative livelihoods

How we select world-class projects

We only support trusted, locally-rooted project partners backed by the latest science.

Proven projects

Every project is vetted by our expert advisors, and all our carbon reduction projects are independently verified. Each of our partners has a track record of proven impact.

Global goals

Our projects prioritize local livelihoods and ecosystems while moving the needle on global ocean and climate health through the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Rigorous reporting

We track every single cent of impact back to our partners in the field. We attach a unique ID to every tree, every coral, and every gram of plastic or carbon.

Want to become one of our project partners?

We are on the lookout for proven projects focused on mangrove restoration, coral planting, plastics removal, and carbon reduction year round, to supersize impact. If you are part of or know of a project like this, let us know.


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