Stop the Killing of Endangered Sharks in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is home to dozens of shark species, many of which are in serious danger of being overfished to extinction.

Last year, former President Carlos Alvarado signed a decree that gutted vital protections, leaving endangered sharks vulnerable to extinction. The former President removed the ability of the Ministry of Environment to protect sharks and shifted management responsibilities to the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA). This agency lacks the capacity to effectively monitor population trends and stands to benefit from their commercialization.

Costa Rica’s government is authorizing the overexploitation of sharks as commercial species · Shawn Heinrichs
Dozens of longline fishing vessels primarily target sharks in Costa Rica · Shawn Heinrichs
The Costa Rican government has essentially legalized the overfishing of sharks—even those species officially protected by international agreements.

One of the most at-risk species is the critically endangered hammerhead shark, a national symbol of Costa Rica’s marine conservation efforts. Scientific research has shown that hammerheads could become extinct within the next 20 years if no action is taken. 

As top predators, sharks provide stability to marine ecosystems · Andy Mann
Nearly half of the 40+ shark species in Costa Rica are in serious danger of extinction · Andy Mann
Despite its image as a leader in ocean conservation, Costa Rica is failing to protect endangered sharks · Andy Mann
Add your name below to call on the Costa Rican government to prohibit the capture and trade of sharks threatened with extinction.
item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Petras N

enough to be selfish and careless “human beings” people arr polluting and doing harm to nature everyday just to please some rich guy in michelin restaurant. screw it.

item?.flag flag 2 weeks ago
Kevin I

we need to protect those that can’t protect themselves.

item?.flag flag 2 weeks ago
Marion V

without sharks the balance in our ocean will be disturbed. without healthy marine life our ocean will be threatened and so will our resources!

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Werner K

Und mit was treibt ihr Handel wenn der Hai ausstirbt ? Dann verkauft ihr eure Kinder.

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Catalina B

I care

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
James P

i want to protect the endangered speci

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Joy S

sharks are good. baby shark do do do do do do no kill baby shark pls stop pls stop pls stop.

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
charlie p

i want go have grandchildren in this world know that the world isnt evil

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Susan W

sharks are very important in the seas and oceans!

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Sheila R

without the sharks we all die

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Julie K

we as a people of this planet have to stop eliminating species now. They are not ours to do with as we please. These sharks are in danger of becoming extinct and I for one believe every creature has a right to life.

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Andrea T

sharks are a vital part of marine life ,being a top predator. They are endangered world wide due to over fishing, by catch and net entanglement aswell as the ridiculously stupid shark fin soup which apparently has no flavour other than flavourings and spices added to it . These creatures have survived in the ocean for millions of years and their survival is now endangered by our irresponsible behaviour!

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Lori R

they have as much right to live as anyone. They are important to a balanced ecosystem.

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Jean-François B

Sharks my brothers

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Alison V

we must!!

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
April A

I care about Earth living a longer, and its Earthlings. Marine life is vital to keeping our ecosystems balanced and healthy.

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Juliet W

sharks are needed for humans to live, if there are no sharks there is no ocean snd if there is no ocean there is no world to live on

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Will H

The Hammerhead is an awesome creature.

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
stephens I

killing without ness3sity goes against the Laws of nature. us humans need to get that.

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
abigail m

ecosystem reservation and population

item?.flag flag 1 month ago
Jorge B

I'm from latin america and i know that there lies a lot of wildlife species and vegetation and i think sharks should be protected, not hunted

item?.flag flag 2 months ago
Pitia F

Costa Rica has such an amazing ecosystem and every organism is an important part.

item?.flag flag 2 months ago
Nina P

we dont NEED to kill the sharks

item?.flag flag 2 months ago
Chandra G

I love Nature

item?.flag flag 2 months ago
Martim B

if sharks go extinct, ocean won't be the same never again...

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