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Protect the Ocean by Supporting the High Seas Treaty

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Update: On March 3rd, 2023, UN member states finally agreed on a treaty to protect the high seas. At a later date, delegates will meet for half a day to formally adopt the text. Once this is done, at least 60 countries must ratify the treaty in order for it to be officially recognized.

Today, nearly half the planet is unprotected and vulnerable to exploitation.

This ocean area that lies outside of any country’s jurisdiction is known as the High Seas and covers over 60 percent of the ocean. This global commons is critical to the health of the entire ocean.

It is one of the largest reservoirs of biodiversity on the planet and is a crucial component in several of the Earth’s systems and cycles, providing a multitude of ecosystem services. Many species, such as whales, tunas, sharks, and turtles spend much of their lives traveling along the highways of the High Seas to feeding, spawning, and breeding grounds. 

The bottlenose dolphin is a common sight in coastal waters around the world, but it also maintains large populations offshore · Jorge Cervera Hauser
From the biggest and smallest marine species to humans all over the globe, all life depends on healthy High Seas now and into the future · Jorge Cervera Hauser

But despite its size and importance, only 1.2% of the High Seas have been protected, because it lacks clear rules to establish protected areas leaving its marine life vulnerable to exploitation.

Human-related threats include unsustainable and illegal fishing, shipping traffic, noise pollution, seabed mining, plastic and chemical pollution, and acidifying and warming waters as a result of the climate crisis.

Rare sea lions are among the tens of species at risk of being injured or killed by these huge driftnets · Howard Hall
Shawn Heinrichs
Howard Hall

Following nearly 20 years of discussions at the United Nations, governments are in the final stages of negotiating a new United Nations Treaty that would ensure the meaningful protection of ocean life found in this great global commons. This will be a key step towards moving the planet closer to the goal of protecting at least 30 percent of the ocean by 2030, the minimum level of protection scientists recommend for a healthy ocean.

Add your name to urge your government and other world leaders to take action and support a strong High Seas Treaty and help build momentum by sharing the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Katja R

I love animals!

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Torger I

I love turtles

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Maik L

... I can.

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Liz S

action is needed now. we all have responsibility for our own actions, but governments have to know that voters expect them to protect the planet and future generations

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
John R

I am signing because the world is an interconnected system and we must preserve the balance, or face a dark future.

item?.flag flag 4 days ago
Bianca Maria R

There is no planet B

item?.flag flag 4 days ago
Rob S

Rob Swart

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Anja H

the health of the High Seas ist the health of all of us

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Virginia S

I am signing because mankind has done more than enough damage to the oceans and its marine life which we should be looking after for generations to come not exploiting.

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Dean m

governments are just destroying everything

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
rolf v

We must respect ALL life...

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Michaela P

I am signing because "we must work together to protect and save the ocean for the sake of our future survival on this planet" (UN, 2022).

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Ron V

When we save our Oceans and protect the creatures therein we save and protect ourselves.

item?.flag flag 6 days ago
Gerlinde A

There is so much we do not know about the oceans and destroy them nonetheless. I think we should leave this planet at our death as we found it when we were born ...

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Ana Maria P

I am signing because I wish to help to protect the ocean.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Me m

I do not believe that man has the right to exploit nature.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Tahoe L

If the Oceans die, WE die.....

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Shane F

I am in seevice to Earth’s oceans being fully protected in this lifetime

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Emiel T

dumping their stupid old toys in the ocean😫

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Nathalie S

I wish to protect live

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Sofia H

We are nature. If nature dies, so do we.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Mary M

the oceans are not our home. we have to protect them

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Jessica 1

The destructive homosapien species has caused too many natural crises to unfold and I am against my species actions, so I am adding my signature in the hope that this small action by those who sign, will have a significant collective impact to save our planet. We have only one planet, after all.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Noor T

we need to save our oceans and forests

item?.flag flag 2 weeks ago
Anna H

Deep sea ecosystems are already quite affected by accumulating pollution. I strongly disagree with causing any further damage to those last unexplored areas of Earth (we do not fully understand the improtance of as yet) in the name of someone's personal financial gains over the span of perhaps few decades. We already are facing consequences of one-two generations polluting almost entire planet, hopefully humankind can do a bit better than this moving forward.

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