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Right now, New Yorkers have no control over how much single-use packaging is pumped into the market by retailers and companies. As a result, companies have spent decades creating crushing amounts of plastic pollution and waste, and New Yorkers have been forced to bear the costs. 

But a new bill that’s backed by environmental groups across New York could turn the plastics crisis on its head. 

The Packaging Reduction and Recycling Act (A.5322/S.4246) would require companies to:

  • Reduce their packaging by 50% in 12 years.

  • Make the remaining packaging truly reusable or recyclable.

  • Get certain toxic chemicals out of packaging.

  • Pay to clean up their packaging waste by reimbursing municipalities and taxpayers for the collection and processing of those materials.

  • Prohibit incineration and "chemical recycling" from counting as recycling.

Nearly all packaging that cannot be reused or effectively recycled is made of plastic. New York City alone trashes 1,579,600 pounds of plastic bottles and jugs every week, and spends $425 million each year to export its waste to incinerators and landfills – which comes directly out of taxpayers’ pockets.  

Even worse, much of the waste finds its way to waterways, where it can choke wildlife, leach toxic chemicals, and threaten human health. Fenceline communities where plastic is produced suffer toxic pollution that contributes to disease and lower quality of life.

For people and for the planet, New York must use this critical opportunity to pass the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Act. But our window to pass this legislation is closing – we only have until June 8th, when New York’s lawmakers break for the year. 

Can you raise your voice, and help us hold manufacturers accountable for their pollution? Sign the petition, and tell legislators to pass the Packing Reduction and Recycling Act.

In partnership,

Surfrider Foundation and Only One

Click here to view the official petition language, which we will deliver to New York lawmakers.

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Kim S

plastics are destroying the earth, killing wildlife, polluting rivers and oceans. It cannot be recycled. The oil industry deceived the world and they should pay for cleanups and restoration and most importantly, STOP PRODUCING PLASTICS.

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Pat D

there’s options other than plastic that do not harm the environment

item?.flag flag 4 hours ago
Patricia S

I like to breathe.

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Cameron B

im signing because plastic is taking over our oceans and planet?

item?.flag flag 7 hours ago
Nancy C

i care about the footprints we leave for future generations!

item?.flag flag 8 hours ago
Nannette W

it is obvious

item?.flag flag 10 hours ago
Gene L

common sense needs to rulethe day.

item?.flag flag 11 hours ago
Martha H

Should creating air pollution be counted as recycling? Obviously not!!

item?.flag flag 13 hours ago
Mariann A

This bill needs to be passed! There is too much plastic waste and we dont need more of it! its harmful to all of us, abd the environment

item?.flag flag 14 hours ago
Cori D

i am sick of throwing plastic into the garbage can.

item?.flag flag 14 hours ago
Joan K

we have to find a way to stop producing and using plastic, and NO burning of plastic

item?.flag flag 14 hours ago
Susan M

The continuance of using plastic and manufacturing new plastic=INSANITY.

item?.flag flag 15 hours ago
Lorrie T

this needs to be national.

item?.flag flag 16 hours ago
Doris S

Plastics are a blight on the environment. They do not break down or decompose. Ban plastics now.

item?.flag flag 17 hours ago
Elizabeth M

basic right to life

item?.flag flag 18 hours ago
Kimberly L

I am actively motivated to purchase food and product with more recyclable or sustainable packaging! i care about the world I leave for my children and their descendants.

item?.flag flag 19 hours ago
Debbie S

we need for us do not use so much plastic, its ruining our planet.

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
ishaan m

I care about this topic

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Houston J

plastic is killing us.

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
M. Joellen E

something must be done soon very soon.

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Danielle G

This is a Global crisis, we have Islands🏝 of Non-biodegradeable waste..‼ China has to ship out plastic material waste out in Crates!!🙀🙊🙉🙈🤯🛐☢🚫

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Skye H

Who, with any intelligence, wouldn't? We need to get plastics out of our environment!

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Jennifer T

packaging is out of control! plastic is out of control! Do something!

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Patrice L

i care about our planet’s future

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Arch L

plastic trash is forever

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