Stop the Deadly Buildout of DG Fuels and Air Products in Louisiana

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To Governor Edwards, state legislators, candidates for elected office, and members of the St. James, St. John the Baptist, Ascension, and Livingston Parish councils,

The shocking concentration of toxic, industrial facilities in Louisiana – next to school playgrounds, bordering the backyards of homes, alongside critical water sources, and so many other places of security – is a death sentence for residents and the land we call home. 

This is extreme in some parts of the state, like along the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. It’s known as Cancer Alley because people have a higher risk of developing cancer from air pollution than almost anywhere else in the United States. Recent research has confirmed that toxic air pollution contributes to Louisiana’s high cancer rate – one of the highest in the nation.

Despite Louisiana already having way more than its share of this toxic industry, two massive new industrial projects are under consideration in this same part of the state: DG Fuels and Air Products.  

If built, the DG Fuels plant could emit known carcinogens into already polluted air and water. Meanwhile, Air Products' proposed plant would emit more toxic pollution and the associated pipelines would transport highly combustible CO2 gas across multiple parishes. Air Products wants to store all this toxic gas beneath Lake Maurepas, an idea that is opposed by the local community.  If these pipes and storage operations leak or explode, as has happened in other US towns like Satartia, Mississippi, they risk turning entire communities into ghost towns. 

Right now, Louisiana’s leaders can stop Air Products and DG Fuels. We demand that:

  • Governor John Bel Edwards use his authority to direct the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to deny the permits of Air Products and DG Fuels.

  • State Legislators pass legislation that opposes new toxic industrial facilities coming to Louisiana, holds existing industries accountable to not poison our state, and brings clean industry and jobs to Louisiana.

  • Candidates for governor and state legislature commit to oppose new toxic industrial facilities, hold existing industries accountable to not poison our state, and bring clean industry and jobs to Louisiana.

  • The Parish Councils oppose the DG Fuels and Air Products projects, hold existing industry accountable, and bring clean industry and jobs to their parishes.

We, the undersigned, refuse to let our fellow human beings and our natural environment be poisoned by industrial giants. It’s time to move beyond this toxic legacy: State and parish leaders must focus on bringing in new jobs with all of the clean industry that is flooding into other states, and create a healthier, sustainable path forward.

Learn more about the crisis unfolding in Cancer Alley
  1. Meet Rise St. James, our incredible campaign partner. Rise is a faith-based grassroots organization that is leading the fight against the toxic industrial buildout in St. James Parish.

  2. Listen to the Discarded podcast, a four-part series, hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist Gloria Riviera, in which we discover how our plastic world came to be.

  3. Watch Breathe this Air, a moving short film, produced by Peak Plastic Foundation, focusing on the environmental justice aspects of the plastics crisis – you can tune in below.

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item?.flag flag 8 hours ago
Joana M

I am signing because I want a better environment for all those new generations that are growing up, and for those who will come in the future. And I w…

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
David K

It should not be legal to kill people with a gun or toxic chemicals, just stop

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Delfina Herrera H

I believe plastic is poison delivered to us by the petroleum industry.

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Ellen S

this is an important petition to stop the building of toxic plastics plants near schools and neighborhoods.

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Kat F

i shouldnt have to sign this, someone shluld be doing this stuff anyways. people are killing this beautiful earth God gave us

item?.flag flag 4 days ago

If we all die there will be no one for the corporations to profit off of, so they might as well stop and re-think where things are headed. The people…

item?.flag flag 4 days ago
Alex t

i care fir the air and all life on eaeth. Due to the amounts of air pollution it is now dangerous/risky to step outside without inhaling toxins you ca…

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Colton C

NO ONE should have to live in “Cancer Alley”. a

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
DeAnna B

I'm sick and tired of BIG Corporations putting us minorities in harms way. Our lives mean nothing to them, they only value money.

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Cj D

Everyone needs clean Air, we don't need plastic!

item?.flag flag 6 days ago
Sariah M

I want the earth to be healthier. its our home.

item?.flag flag 6 days ago
Anthony H

pollution needs to stop. we need to become a green society so that our home doesn’t suffer

item?.flag flag 6 days ago
Jaime L

this is ruining or planet. we are already seeing major effects from this, it is killing the human race slowly...

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Alondra R

i hate pollution.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Jonica O

This is what is killing our planet! WE are apart of this planet! this is hurting us, our food, our air, our health, our animals. everything that is vi…

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Christyn C

I am signing because we are almost to our 10k goal. The amount of fuels and air products in the environment is creating harmful health issues.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Candice G

I want us to use eco-friendly solutions, such as wind currency, ocean wave, currency and other solution that does not cause climate change.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Amelia F

This Buildout is unacceptable! The St. James community in Louisiana deserves the clean air, water, and soil they need to survive. DG Fuels plants and…

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Ashley N

Climate solidarity

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Bianca B

i want a healthy planet

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Lillie S

I think the owner of this co. should have to live on the or near by. and if they dont feel safe then shut it down .

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Ali O

No one should have to knowingly put their family at risk of cancer without alternatives. Let’s invest in better plastic recycling facilities.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Kathryn S

I don’t know why they’re doing is it just doesn’t make any sense to me but it’s not helpful for anybody and I can’t be healthy

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Ann D

this is awful please stop

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Nicolas L

Nearby neighborhoods will be affected and will have a major impact on the health of the residents

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