Tell Leaders to Protect the Great Ocean Commons by Supporting a High Seas Treaty

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Today, nearly half the planet remains unprotected and vulnerable to exploitation. 

This area, known as the High Seas, covers 60 percent of the ocean and sits outside of any country’s jurisdiction—a true global commons. This vast ocean area is critical to the health of the entire ocean, representing over 90 percent of the entire planet’s living space and providing a vital habitat and migratory corridors for countless species and a source of sustenance for wildlife and people in all corners of the planet.

Blue sharks make trips of over 5,700 miles across the High Seas each year · Paul Nicklen
Current levels of protection in the High Seas are nowhere near enough to conserve wildlife · Paul Nicklen
The livelihoods of coastal communities around the world rely on healthy High Seas · Cristina Mittermeier

But despite its size and importance, the High Seas has no formal governance or international agreement to establish protection, and remains ripe for exploitation. As a result, the health of the High Seas is rapidly deteriorating due to human-related threats including ocean acidification, shipping traffic, noise pollution, plastic and chemical pollution, deep seabed mining, the climate crisis and, in particular, unsustainable and illegal fishing.

Following nearly 20 years of discussions at the United Nations, delegations are in the final stages of negotiating a new High Seas Treaty that would define a pathway toward establishing meaningful protection of this great ocean commons and moving the planet closer to the goal of protecting at least 30 percent of the ocean by 2030.

As these negotiations continue in the United Nations over the coming months, it is critical that supporters come together and call on world leaders to urgently support the adoption of an ambitious High Seas Treaty for the sake of the ocean, the planet, and all of us.

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5,899 signed. Let’s get to 10K.
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