Say No to Deep-Sea Mining

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with The Oxygen Project, Sustainable Ocean Alliance and Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

Add your name to the official letter to stop deep-sea mining, and we’ll deliver your signature to United Nations and International Seabed Authority Leaders.

Update: 21 states have now taken positions against deep-sea mining in international waters: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Palau, Panama, Portugal, Samoa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Dominican Republic, and Vanuatu.

For decades, large corporations have poisoned rivers, devastated forests, and displaced communities. Now, they’re rushing to mine minerals from the last untouched frontier on the planet — the deep sea.

The deep sea may be vast and unexplored, but it is incredibly important. It encompasses 95% of the ocean’s volume and is the largest and least explored of Earth’s ecosystems. Some scientists believe that the deep sea and its water column may be the largest carbon sink on Earth, and new species are still being found there.

A UN body called the International Seabed Authority (ISA) is responsible for governing and protecting the deep seabed on behalf of humankind as a whole. In practice, the ISA Secretariat routinely prioritizes the interests of pro-mining governments and companies over the protection of our fragile ecosystems. Since 2001, the ISA has granted 31 exploration licenses for contractors to explore for minerals beyond national jurisdiction in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.

Deep-sea mining would dwarf all other mining operations in human history, and it would take place in a part of the planet that we are only just now beginning to understand. If this dangerous experiment goes wrong, it risks triggering a domino effect of unintended consequences that could destabilize the ocean, trigger food insecurity, and affect all life on Earth.

As citizens concerned about the future of our planet, we urge you to support a moratorium on deep-sea mining and protect the ecosystems that we all rely upon.

Add your name to the letter to #DefendtheDeep.

Click here to view the official letter.

Key Signatories
  1. Sylvia Earle - Explorer, Biologist, Environmentalist

  2. Jane Fonda - Actress, Activist, Environmentalist 

  3. Robert Redford - Actor, Filmmaker

  4. Ted Turner - Founder, CNN, TBS, and UN Foundation 

  5. HM Queen Noor Al Hussein - Queen Dowager of Jordan

  6. Jackson Browne - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

  7. Bertrand Piccard - Explorer, Chair of the Solar Impulse Foundation 

  8. Sven Lindblad  - CEO, Lindblad Expeditions

  9. Gerry Lopez - Surfer, Actor, Yogi

  10. Graeme Kelleher - Former Chairman and CEO, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

  11. David Shaw - Managing Partner, Blackpoint Group LP

  12. Robert Weir - Founding Member, Grateful Dead

  13. Wade Davis - Writer, Explorer, Photographer, Filmmaker 

  14. Tom Gruber - Co-founder of Siri

  15. Frederick Paulson - CEO, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

  16. M. Sanjayan - CEO, Conservation International

  17. Pirry - Director, Journalist, Environmentalist

  18. Michael Jacobs - Sustainability & Social Innovation Leader, IBM

  19. Jonathan Batty - Director of Public Relations, IBM

  20. Pierre Ramadier - Global Head of Entrepreneurs & Families, BNPP

  21. Pierre Rousseau - Senior Executive Manager, BNPP

  22. Erin Urquhart - Associate Program Manager, NASA

  23. Oliver Steeds - Journalist, Broadcaster

  24. Jay Inslee - Governor of Washington

  25. Esha Gupta – Actress, Model, Environmentalist

  26. Shawn Heinrichs - Photographer, Filmmaker, Environmentalist

  27. Julie Packard - CEO of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Group Signatories

We’d like to offer a special thank you to the Oxygen Project, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition for their critical support and leadership on this campaign. 55,609 of the signatures reflected are carried over from a previous, identical letter on The Oxygen Project website.

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Avery R

I want the ocean healthy

item?.flag flag 3 hours ago
Chelsea D

No absolute way this is happening. We humans are already greedy of the Earth’s natural resources. No need to do more harm and potential problems to ma…

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Blair W

i care

item?.flag flag 10 hours ago
heather w

we need to let the earth be

item?.flag flag 14 hours ago
Taina B

Our ocean MUST be protected, guys!! when all the oceans are contaminated and trees are gone, only then you’ll remember you cant eat $.

item?.flag flag 21 hours ago
Fawna J

i am signing because every living animal, sea animal, and creature deserves to live they are innocent souls, theyre home is the only place they know a…

item?.flag flag 23 hours ago
Merlene M

Every living creature deserves to live .

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Alfred M

Corporate Miners actions present as ecoterrorists. Ocean exploration/mining will, not may, devastate our planet.

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Amina G

We newd to protect our wildlife! there is barely anything left there!

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Carmel O

Mining in the sea seriously effects sea life and their habitat, when an area loses it's sea hemp and fish life, the knock on effect is devastating far…

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Katherine M

leave the oceans alone

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Alicia H

wildlife is gorgeous and the ocean is their lifeline and their home

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Jenny C

The ocean has life

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Ximena R


item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Kylie F

Im saying no to deep sea mining

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Astra I

i love the ocean and our world and would absolutely love to help keep it a safe and healthy environment

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
nicole k

it matters

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Carolyn P

Because the ocean shouldn't be disrupted simply for man's greed.

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Maneethip K

I want to save helpless animal and also if they die, earth dies

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Thalianys B

I am signing because deep-sea life matters jusg as much as our own. I am also signing because earth is our big home and no one likes to hurt or break…

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Felicity R

i dont wsnt our seas to be damaged

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Karina H

we need to protect all life at all costs.

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Daphne D

i care

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Lauren R

i care about the world & people need to start standing up for the future of our planet

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Noelle O

the ocean is like a second home to me, and i wouldnt want someone mining in my living room.

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