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Support the Protection of New Zealand’s Sharks

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UPDATE: On August 2nd, New Zealand released its National Plan of Action to protect sharks. Once you sign this pledge, we will submit a comment on your behalf to the NZ Government letting them know that it's time to protect sharks.

New Zealand’s fishing industry harbors a dark and bloody secret.

Recent government reports released to New Zealand environmental NGO Forest & Bird revealed that New Zealand’s commercial longline fleets have been brutally killing endangered sharks that are accidentally caught in their fishing operations to recover hooks that cost as little as $1.

Exploited excessively by humans, many shark populations have diminished by as much as 90 to 99% · Shawn Heinrichs

We have an opportunity to change this, but we have to act now. In August, the government will release an updated draft of its plan to protect sharks and ask for national and international comment. Join us and urge Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries to craft a strong plan that includes:

  1. Mandating observer and/or camera monitoring aboard all commercial fishing vessels

  2. Reducing the bycatch or retention targets of threatened and endangered sharks to 0%

  3. Requiring that sharks and other bycatch are released with as little harm as possible

The technology to achieve these measures is readily available, and many fishermen have already undertaken measures to eliminate bycatch and improve accountability on their own. 

Add your name to support a strong plan to save New Zealand’s sharks, and we’ll submit your pledge as a comment on New Zealand's National Plan of Action for sharks.

Pledge your support to stop the brutal killing of New Zealand’s threatened shark populations.

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