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Stop the Extinction of the Snake River Salmon

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with SeaLegacy and Save Our wild Salmon

Restore salmon in the Snake River.

Wild salmon are among the Pacific Northwest’s original residents. Their historic abundance and influence on the region is difficult to imagine today — feeding endangered orcas, birds, other fish and wildlife; building legendary forests, delivering ocean-sourced nutrients across millennia to the waters and lands of the Northwest. And since time immemorial, Tribal nations have shared a deep and reciprocal relationship with salmon.

Unfortunately, salmon and the many benefits they bring to Northwest people and ecosystems are at risk of disappearing today. Many populations have already been lost. Of those that remain, many swim on the brink of extinction.

After decades of advocacy, the Nez Perce, other Native tribes, and conservation and fishing advocates have opened a critical window of opportunity to protect and restore wild salmon populations through one solution — breaching dams in the Lower Snake River. 

SeaLegacy and Save Our wild Salmon are joining forces to ask you to join our movement and demand the removal of dams in the Lower Snake River to help restore salmon populations. 
Cristina Mittermeier
Cristina Mittermeier

The breach of the Lower Snake River offers a sign of hope and would be a historical win for salmon protection in the region.

Removing these four deadly dams represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restore an historic river and its endangered fish, feed hungry orcas, and uphold our nation’s promises to tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

Leading Northwest public officials and senior members of the Biden Administration have recently committed to work with the region’s people to develop and deliver a comprehensive solution to protect and recover Snake River salmon and invest in affected communities - and we need to ensure they follow through on these commitments.

Help us encourage elected leaders and key decision-makers in the Northwest and Washington D.C. to prioritize the restoration of Snake River salmon by adding your voice to our petition.

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