Hold Shell Accountable in Pennsylvania

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with Eyes on Shell, Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community, Friends of the Earth and Earthworks

Update: Only One and the Shell Accountability Coalition made our first petition delivery in Beaver County on June 8th, 2023. Combined with petitions from Friends of the Earth and Earthworks, we delivered more than 60,000 total signatures to the Beaver County Commissioners. Shell just turned on a massive industrial plastics complex in Western Pennsylvania that risks poisoning the local air and water. Add your name to urge Shell to implement basic health and safety measures to protect the surrounding communities from danger.

The decision to turn on the petrochemical facility – which converts fossil fuels into single-use plastic products – comes despite fierce opposition from local Beaver County residents to prevent the plant’s 24 hour pollution cycle from contaminating the Ohio River and surrounding community.

The Shell facility utilizes a similar process to create plastic as the facilities that line the banks of Cancer Alley – a corridor along the Mississippi river so toxic that the risk of cancer for residents is up to 50 times higher than the rest of the country.

Just two weeks after announcing the plant was operational, Shell announced there was a “malfunction” at the facility. · Mark Dixon

In 2022, residents sent Shell a six point to-do list for accountability and transparency, but so far the company has not taken a single meaningful measure to address local concerns and prepare the community in the event of a disaster.

The checkered history of the petrochemical industry also demonstrates that the everyday operations of these facilities are toxic and a significant flare up or pollution event is not a matter of if, but when.

Only One is proud to partner with Eyes on Shell and Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community to call on Shell to implement the following six basic health measures. If they fail to implement these measures, the safety and quality of life of Pennsylvanians will be on the line.

Shell’s To-Do List:

1) Ensure the community is prepared for emergencies

- Share emergency response plans with residents - Train residents on understanding fenceline monitoring data - Slow or halt operations during extreme weather events - Equip municipal-level emergency responders with monitors

2) Immediately notify residents and appropriate others of incidents

- Notify in real time and with detail on type, causes, emissions and cleanup - Update residents via local news and social media - Invite BCMAC and Clean Air Council to Shell’s Community Advisory - Notify appropriate agencies: the NRC, DEP, EPA, local water authorities, ORSANCO, Ohio River Basin Alliance, PA Fish and Boat Commission, etc

3) Use the best available monitoring technology

- Infrared cameras for continuous monitoring - Advanced VOC monitors and other equipment - Video cameras on-site and around the plant and publicly accessible 24/7

4) Respect our shared night sky

- Reduce overnight lighting. - Share the Exterior Lighting Study report - Provide shielding, filtering, and energy-conserving technology per the International Dark Sky Association (IDSA)

5) Address the plastic crisis

- Share the cumulative health, environmental and climate impacts of the life-cycle of the cracker plant’s product - Publicly reject false solutions such as “advanced recycling” - Invest in R&D to develop sustainable alternatives to plastics

6) Support climate action

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and purchase offsets for them - Use renewable energy to power all operations - Reject false solutions such as blue hydrogen and carbon capture. - Resolve frontline environmental justice concerns about the impact of Shell’s operations

Please add your name to the petition on behalf of the frontline communities facing the worst consequences of the plastics industry, then share the campaign on social media to help build momentum.
item?.flag flag 3 hours ago
Gail S

Companies need to be held responsible for negligence of operating safely and endangering the health and lives of people

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Kevin V

Everyone deserves to have clean air and water

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Jeanne M

It is time that we concerned ourselves with safety and survival over profit.

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Janine C

I lived in PA 50 of my 51 years and this is horrible. stop protecting polluters!!!!

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Kimberly S

Because all of these polluters should have to properly clean up their messes and be responsible for ALL the Damage they cause to the lands and to the…

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Lynda B

even though i dont live in Pennsylvania the world is my backyard.

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Martha A

it's the right thing to do

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Kathy D

this is wrong!!!!

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Jamie J

There needs to be better safety measure in place & they need to have a better handle on this insanely toxic smoke pollution! If anyone suffers adverse…

item?.flag flag 7 hours ago
Jen S

Corporations are poisoning us and our planet.

item?.flag flag 7 hours ago
Richard M

I grew up near here and don't want it destroyed.

item?.flag flag 7 hours ago
Devlin S

these companies need to get their act together!!

item?.flag flag 9 hours ago
Gary D

i care about the health of the residents mor than the companies ability to raise stock prices.

item?.flag flag 9 hours ago
Maya D

i signed because i live here

item?.flag flag 10 hours ago
Rebecca G

We have to take care of our air, land and water. We cannot let polluting things like this. go on forever. unchecked.

item?.flag flag 11 hours ago
Michael M

i want to survive.

item?.flag flag 11 hours ago
Madison C

we only have on planet.

item?.flag flag 15 hours ago
Judith R

I think it's very important.

item?.flag flag 15 hours ago
Barb C

this is our one and only planet….no other options!!!

item?.flag flag 15 hours ago
Jake C

im tired of corporations poluting and causing environmental and health hazards for our communities.

item?.flag flag 15 hours ago
Lena M

Earth is our home

item?.flag flag 16 hours ago
Karla S

i am tired of these corporation's poisoning our environment and we the citizens.

item?.flag flag 17 hours ago
Chase B

direct or indirect, shell is still poisoning me and my family

item?.flag flag 17 hours ago
Daniel B

The time of unaccountable corporate greed must be brought to heel.

item?.flag flag 18 hours ago
Ellen J

Companies should clean up their own messes.

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