Alessandro Sarno

This free online event will feature a screening of two powerful and heartwarming original short films, Bodies of Water and Antonese, which shed light on the painful colonial history and development of The Bahamas and present a future of great hope and opportunity.

Joe Leahy

Watch a keynote delivered by SeaLegacy co-founders Cristina Mittermeier & Paul Nicklen

Hear stories of Cristina and Paul’s experience in The Bahamas post-Hurricane Dorian and what resilience means to them, their insights into what they have learned about elevating community-led conservation, and more.

Be present for a powerful panel discussion on the reenvisioning of Bahamians’ relationship with the ocean

A marine scientist, a filmmaker, the protagonist of the film Antonese, and others will discuss the remembering, reclamation, and reimagining of an ocean future for The Bahamas—and what that means for conservation efforts.

7pm EST · April 15th 2021

Tune in to this powerful conversation bringing together a dynamic group of Bahamians and ocean stakeholders to explore a shared future for all that celebrates, conserves, and honors both people and the ocean.

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