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Only One is the digital action platform for people who love the ocean and want to save the planet.

Caring for people and the planet demands a new spirit of collaboration, centered on justice and equity, with a renewed commitment to those most affected. Read on to learn more about our approach and the impact of our community so far.

Why act now?

We know that the challenges facing the ocean and the planet can feel overwhelming. Rising temperatures and sea levels. Plastic and pollution. Species extinction. The list of crises often seems endless, and it’s easy to feel helpless. But we believe that taking action shouldn’t be confusing or difficult. We built Only One to create a space where each of us can easily take small steps towards revitalizing the ocean and healing our planet. From planting ocean forests and coral reefs, to removing directly removing plastic pollution or reducing carbon emissions, or taking action on one of our advocacy campaigns, everyone can get involved, with just a tap of a button, from their own homes. With Only One, we aim to put the power to restore the ocean and save the planet into the hands of individuals all over the world. Though none of us can solve all of the ocean’s challenges on our own, we are united in the belief that together, our collective action can deliver meaningful progress for the planet.

Andy Mann

Our approach

We know that the ocean holds some of the best solutions we have in the sprint against climate change, but its true power is still largely unexplored. Powered by a worldwide community of millions, we’re reimagining the experience of digital activism and unlocking the ocean’s potential to heal our planet. We connect people like us, who are tired of waiting and are ready for action with serious ways to have impact, for the short-term wins we urgently need now and for the long-term innovations that will secure a healthy future for us all. Crowdfunding: We empower thousands of individuals to invest in high-quality, on-the-ground projects that drive the immediate impact our planet needs now, focusing on community-led efforts that benefit both ecosystems and livelihoods. Advocacy: We mobilize millions of supporters to take action on high-impact advocacy campaigns that work to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030, fight for the communities hit hardest by the plastic pollution crisis and stop the flow of plastic into the sea, and advance the ocean as a critical solution to climate change.

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Our impact so far

Since launching Only One at the end of 2020, our community has raised over USD$2.6 million for ocean projects and campaigns, with every cent of those funds going towards impact. Nearly 20,000 individuals have supported ocean solutions so far and over 1.8 million advocates have taken actions on key campaigns.

We’re proud to have worked alongside more than 60 innovative partner organizations and local leaders who are driving change worldwide, and since our launch, Only One members have funded over 20 on-the-ground ocean projects across six continents. In January 2022, we announced our Tide Turner awards, celebrating six ocean changemakers, supported by the Only One community.

With the launch of our new monthly membership plans in June 2022, anyone, anywhere is able to fund real-world impact for the ocean and our planet with the tap of a button, and track every cent back to the field. We’re just getting started, but with this launch the Only One community will be planting one million mangrove trees, growing 20,000 coral fragments, removing 100,000 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic, and preventing 4,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

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Our 100% commitment

Every single cent from our monthly membership plans is re-allocated to support impact projects on the ground. We even cover credit and debit card processing fees, so it really is 100% to impact — we’re pretty proud of this. We’re able to do this thanks to the generous support of a small community of private donors we call The Current, who fund our operations and support our work.

We are committed to full transparency and provide geo-location, photos from the field, and a unique identifier for each tree, coral, kilogram of plastic, and gram of carbon reduction funded through our monthly membership plans.

Only One is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity registered in the U.S.

Shawn Heinrichs

Our partners

Ocean and climate solutions have the greatest impact when they’re led by the local leaders, innovators, and researchers who know this work best — the people in frontline communities who see the impact of climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and environmental degradation, and who are actively developing the solutions our planet needs. We believe that everyone has a pivotal role to play in restoring the ocean and saving our planet. We connect our community with scientific experts, local leaders driving advocacy, inspiring activists, and innovative on-the-ground partners. Learn more about our commitments to environmental justice, and to supporting local and indigenous leadership.

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