The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act is back

Trevor Jones

Image © Daisy Daisy

Trevor Jones

Image © Daisy Daisy

In case you missed it, the U.S. Congress recently reintroduced a groundbreaking bill to beat back plastic. First introduced in 2021, the Break Free Free From Plastic Pollution Act was supported by more than 100 members of Congress before the legislative session ended. Now that it’s back, we’re teaming up with groups across the country to rally even more support and send shockwaves through the government. Can you tell we’re excited?

Here are just five of the many ways this bill could help the U.S. break free from plastic ⬇️

  1. It would ban many different non-recyclable single-use plastic products and bags.

  2. It would create a nationwide refund program for beverage containers.

  3. It would enhance and finance waste management programs.

  4. It would stop waste from being shipped to developing countries.

  5. It would pause new permits for plastic facilities until the EPA enacts new regulations.

Head over to our campaign page to learn more and take action!


Trevor Jones

Senior Manager of Campaigns

Someone who loves to be both surrounded by people and isolated in nature, Trevor values the dualities within each of us and hopes to leave the world a better place than he found it.

New York, United States

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