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Collecting Evidence of Connectivity in Cocos

Cocos Island, part of a long underwater mountain ridge that connects with Galápagos—and one of a handful of marine protected areas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape—attracts enormous aggregations of endangered wildlife like sharks, turtles, and whales. However, as soon as these species exit the marine reserve during their extensive migration along underwater mountain ranges, they become vulnerable to illegal, unregulated, and unsustainable fishing practices. In an unprecedented discovery by an international group of scientists, the need to create a fully protected marine “superhighway” that connects the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Cocos Island National Park and Galápagos Marine Reserve is made clear. Their findings underscore that we have much to learn about nature, and that effective conservation transcends national boundaries.
Part of The Jewel of the Pacific
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Film by Sails of Change & Only One Collective

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