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Protect Antarctica and Secure the Largest Act of Ocean Protection in History

253,983 signed. The goal was 250K.

If you live on this planet, you can thank Antarctica. The continent helps stabilize our climate, and its waters provide nutrients for fish around the world. It is also the only continent on Earth that is dedicated to peace and science.

But Antarctica is facing an increasing number of threats. With melting ice, warming waters, higher temperatures, and increased fishing, Antarctica and all of the creatures that live there need us more than ever.

While nations work to address climate change, we can act now to protect vital Antarctic ecosystems and deliver the largest act of ocean protection in history.

With its 26 member countries, CCAMLR, or the Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, has the power to establish three large marine sanctuaries in the East Antarctic, the Weddell Sea, and the Antarctic Peninsula. 

Marine protected areas (MPAs) have been shown to vastly increase biodiversity, abundance and ecosystem health, and provide resilience to climate change. Collectively, these MPAs would protect almost 4 million square kilometers, an area the size of the entire European Union, and be the largest act of ocean protection in history!

Leading ocean conservation organizations鈥攊ncluding the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, Antarctica2020, the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy, UNLESS, Only One, and SeaLegacy鈥攁re coming together to advocate for action, but we need your help to protect Antarctica for future generations.

Life in Antarctica is breathtaking, but today it is under threat. 路 Cristina Mittermeier
Climate change is transforming the fundamentals of the Antarctic environment 路 John Weller
Ad茅lie penguin chicks are struggling to survive warmer temperatures 路 Cristina Mittermeier
In February 2020, Antarctica hit a record-high temperature of 20.75掳C (69.3掳F) 路 John Weller
Marine protected areas can protect vulnerable species like Weddell seals 路 Andy Mann
Antarctica鈥檚 future is our future, we need to act now to protect it 路 Cristina Mittermeier

Your voice matters. Add your name to the petition urging leaders from CCAMLR member countries to act now to protect Antarctica. We will deliver your signatures to them, which will show the outpour of public support for action to protect Antarctica鈥檚 precious waters. 

You can also join us in the campaign to #ProtectAntarctica by sharing this critical effort on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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