Call on Leaders to Fund Research on the Impact of Plastic in Our Blood

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Microplastic particles were recently discovered in human blood for the first time. The study, commissioned by the non-profit Common Seas, found that nearly 80% of the U.K. trial group had tested positive.

The plastic particles, which contain chemicals harmful to humans, can travel through our membranes and may even lodge in organs. Yet there is almost no research on the short and long term consequences.

The plastic found in the blood samples – PET, polystyrene, and polyethylene – is the same plastic that is used to make drink bottles, food packaging, and plastic bags. · Common Seas

This is a potential public health crisis that must be immediately addressed: Each day, we’re all exposed to plastic, and the global production of plastic is on course to double by 2030 according to the UN, which will only exacerbate associated risks. But knowledge is power, and the first step to tackling this problem is knowing exactly how our #pollutedveins will affect us.

Join Only One and Common Seas, alongside more than 80 NGOs, scientists and MPs, and urge the UK government to allocate £15 million ($19 million) from an existing research fund to study the human health impacts of plastic. 

*60,278 of the signatures reflected on this page are carried over from a similar petition by Common Seas’ founder, Jo Royle, on

item?.flag flag 1 hour ago
Karen M

Plastic is not natural and it does absolutely nothing good for any living thing, plant, animal or mineral, especially in our blood!

item?.flag flag 1 hour ago
Patrice A

I am highly concerned about plastics in our bodies and our world!

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Linda W

I am very concerned that pollution from plastics is ruining our planet. We cannot undo the harm that has already been caused, but we need to address this issue so it does not get worse.

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
jenn D

I am signing because we are causing pain, suffering and death to humankind and we have the ability to do better.

item?.flag flag 7 hours ago
Gail B

sick of our our wasteful disposable culture and addiction to plastic.

item?.flag flag 10 hours ago
Jim R

plastics, “forever chemicals”, decreased sperm counts, wake up, you’re killing off the people you need to profit off!

item?.flag flag 11 hours ago
Alecia C

I'm a resident of Texas, USA and I'm signing because I'm VERY WORRIED about this issue and its impact on our health.

item?.flag flag 11 hours ago
Brita W

stop pollution of our earth

item?.flag flag 11 hours ago
Frances S

we need to stop this happening

item?.flag flag 14 hours ago
Chris N

I think we should understand better what our greed is doing to us

item?.flag flag 16 hours ago
M. Virginia L

This situation just keeps getting worse and worse. There’s already too much plastic in our environment.

item?.flag flag 20 hours ago
Virginia S

It’s important to know the effects plastic has on us and our world.

item?.flag flag 23 hours ago
Sherrill F


item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Reuben M

I'm signing because it's vital damn it! Leaders don't care about anything but themselves and their pay checks 😡

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Jude W

we can‘t take it any more, and neither can our oceans

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Patricia M

We are responsible for the planet we pass on to the children of all species.

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Jai M

i care about humans and the impact plastics are having on our bodies.

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Bonnie L

I care about the planet.

item?.flag flag 4 days ago
Pegalee B

I think this is important!!

item?.flag flag 4 days ago
Carol G

Needs investigating now!

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Yvonne R

this is a serious matter.

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Taron B

i care and live the environment and it animals

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Ana C

I love our nature

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Susan D

This is ultimately hugely important for our health and for the earth.

item?.flag flag 6 days ago
Deborah H

I'm a nurse and mother and my family and I, and our community have health issues that may be linked to plastic pollution ❤️‍🩹. We need to fight for change 💪

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