Demand President Biden Declare an Emergency in East Palestine

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Positive progress: On July 3rd, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine officially requested that President Biden issue a Major Presidential Disaster Declaration for the East Palestine train derailment and chemical disaster. Now, President Biden must approve the request.

We are urgently asking you to sign this petition addressing the continued humanitarian crisis in East Palestine, Ohio, and the surrounding communities.

Only President Biden has the power to approve Ohio Governor Mike Dewine’s request for a disaster declaration in East Palestine. By approving the request, President Biden would enable the federal government to give residents the financial relief and comprehensive environmental testing that they desperately require.

Three days after the derailment in East Palestine, Norfolk Southern - the company responsible for the derailment - conducted a controlled burn of the spilled chemicals. The EPA says it was not consulted. · Gene J. Puskar / Associated Press

This disaster was – and is – one of the worst in U.S. history. On the night of February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. To this day we do not know all of the toxins involved, but can confirm that the following toxic chemicals – vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, ethylene glycol, isobutylene and ethylhexyl acrylate – were found in the air, soil, and water around the crash site.

The immediate aftermath from the 38-car pile up was devastating: Animals died by the thousand in contaminated waterways, and a cloud of toxic chemicals, so large that it could be seen from space, blanketed the town.

Months later, businesses lie shuttered, gardens rot, and many can’t access independent testing to see how many toxins are in their home, food, and water.

Previously healthy residents now suffer from bloody noses, burning throats, nausea, and in some cases, life-threatening health conditions. Scientists say the poisonous chemicals could stick around for decades.

To make matters worse, the clean up effort has been led by Norfolk Southern – the same company responsible for the disaster. It’s not only a conflict of interest, it’s an insult to those affected, and Norfolk has left thousands without proper care.

The next step towards justice and recovery is for President Biden to officially declare the train derailment in East Palestine an emergency. Only he can exercise this power, which would immediately open the area up to emergency resources from the federal government.

And there is reason for hope. The Unity Council, a grassroots group made up of affected residents in Ohio and Pennsylvania, is working tirelessly to bring attention to this crisis. We’re partnering with them on this critical campaign, and with your help, our call to action can be heard around the world. 

“If we do not stand together, we will be forgotten.” - Hilary Flint, Unity Council board member from Enon Valley, Pennsylvania.

Please sign and share this petition today to urge President Biden to approve the Major Disaster Declaration East Palestine. Your action can make a real difference in ending this humanitarian crisis and help secure a safer future for all affected residents.

15,936 of the signatures reflected on this page are carried over from a successful petition on Only One urging Ohio Governor DeWine to request a disaster declaration for East Palestine

item?.flag flag 4 hours ago
Tisha G

americans need help

item?.flag flag 8 hours ago
Justin I

Stop the genocide. I'm from South Africa where the same was done and America sanctioned us until it changed. Why not with the Israelis?

item?.flag flag 12 hours ago
Henrt D

free palestine

item?.flag flag 14 hours ago
Maddison T

In the past, our president has not taken a second glace at the things that go on in the world and it’s getting scarier and scarier each year.

item?.flag flag 1 day ago
Lindsey M

If we ignore the plight of only one human, we fail all humans. Here the plight of an entire town is not just ignored, but neglected, and effectively w…

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Mary M G


item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Keegan S

Because I want a healthy world for my childrens future.

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Katherine S

the fact this isnt being adressed is a disgrace to our democracy.

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Luci A

I want to help others

item?.flag flag 3 days ago
Anayeli S


item?.flag flag 4 days ago
Taylor F

the sooner things are done about this, the less harmful the outcome will be, people deserves so much better

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Bettey H

we need to help these people

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Hasna K

I am signing because I don't want the world to go to waste

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Pieter L

Israeli and Palestine people should stop attacking and killing each other.

item?.flag flag 6 days ago
Morgan s

do your job MAN

item?.flag flag 6 days ago
Jonathan B

This action was wrong and our brothers and sisters sgould be protected.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Jackie S

All countries need to do climate change!

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Delilah B

i want president biden to declare an emergency in east palestine

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Sean R

I live in Ohio and as an Ohio resident I feel responsible to look out for these people. Biden needs to reaccess this situation and aid East Palestine,

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Precious S

I feel that the United States government shoukd recognize turmoil happening all over the world and do there best to help since we regard ourselves as…

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Veronica Z

I want us all to live in a safe, healthy environment.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Scott Barden B

i am concerned

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Deirdra K

this is ridiculous and there shouldn’t be a need for petition

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Pearlanna D

it’s been long enough, our government needs to take action.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
T. K

hopefully we can make a difference

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