Hold Manufacturers in New York Accountable for Their Pollution: Pass Bills A10184 and A10185

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Right now, companies are creating crushing amounts of plastic pollution, and New Yorkers are forced to bear the costs. But two new plastics bills could change that and hold manufacturers — not taxpayers — accountable for the pollution they produce.

An unraveling crisis

New York generates more than 17 million tons of municipal solid waste annually, almost one ton per person. Less than one quarter of that waste is recycled. The rest chokes landfills, public spaces, beaches, and waterways. In just one example, studies estimate that at any given moment, 165 million plastic particles are floating in New York Harbor. 

Aside from being a major threat to biodiversity, human health, and quality of life, the cost of managing an ever-growing pile of waste is not cheap. Unclear labeling on plastic products and mixed material goods make separating the recyclable from the non-recyclable an expensive challenge, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions annually.

Garbage sits on a beach in Long Island. Volunteer communities in the Long Island Sound cleaned up over 110,000 pounds of marine debris over an 8 year span–a testament to the astounding amount of waste that finds its way into New York’s tributaries and major bodies of water · Brian Yurasits

The solution

New York lawmakers are currently considering two bills, introduced by Assemblyman Steve Englebright, that will help tackle the problem. The bills include strong measures to make producers bear responsibility for their pollution, a concept known as extended producer responsibility (EPR), as well as an expansion and modernization of New York's successful 40-year-old Bottle Bill. Together, the bills would reduce waste, lower taxes, and help create corporate responsibility in New York.

It’s time to change the economic dynamics of plastics production and waste and put the cost and responsibility of keeping our communities clean on the companies creating the problem.

Add your name to urge New York State legislators to pass Bills A10184 and A10185, and hold producers accountable for their pollution. We’ll keep you up to date on progress.
item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Werner K

Der Verursacher dieses Problems haftet dafür, also ziehen wir ihn auch zur Rechenschaft.

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Barry M

Producers and consumers should share in responsible management of their products

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Cyrus C

Plastic alternatives need to happen!

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Teo A


item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Elise H

We've put blame on consumers for too long.

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Joan W

because most plastic can't be easily recycled for one thing.

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Joy S

this is our duty as children of mother earth and mother mature. wake up people. before its too late, cause this behavior is past ugly.

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Khlor T

we need to stop

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Dan F

Put the real price on items is the best way to cut waste

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
PhaatLadyStephens S

this should have been the case 30 years ago let alone now. lots to fix. extinct means extinct and this is choking the environment plus they can afford…

item?.flag flag 5 months ago
Fabian T

I am Satan.

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Mikayla O

responsibility and accountability is the biggest step to change.

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Ray T


item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Becky S

NEW YORK is the richest city in the world and can AFFORD alternatives to stop this. They were notorious for dumping from barges for years with NO SHAM…

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Hugo 4

this is not possible that pollution !

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Sara U

Stop the incredible greed of plastic producers and users.

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Lindsey M

The pollution is detrimental to the huge earth, an must be stopped.

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Karin K

we need to take care of our planet and all creatures here on earth

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Tipu S

There is no excuse for plastic production of limited recyclable Products. Despite not being a headline, I personally think this is among the top most…

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Michèle B

I'm signing because manufacturers are BIG polluters and need to pay for the pollution they produce!

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Emma G


item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Alex E

this needs to be addressed.

item?.flag flag 6 months ago
Tanya C


item?.flag flag 7 months ago
John K

Do what is right for a change!

item?.flag flag 7 months ago
Lucy Q

I am signing because if we DONT decide to make a change to save our environment, there wont be much of a human population over the next few generation…

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