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Protect Wild Salmon from Industrial Salmon Farms

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Now is the Time to Save Wild BC Salmon by Removing Industrial Salmon Farms from the Ocean.

After 30 years of operation on the British Columbia (BC) coast, the industrial salmon farming industry is still unable to reliably control the release of sea lice, bacteria and viruses. As a result, wild salmon populations exposed to salmon farm effluent are facing extinction. Scientific studies now report the dangerous spread of a blood virus from the Atlantic, a bacteria causing mouth rot in BC salmon farms and sea lice that are now resistant to the drugs used to control them.

Now is a critical moment in the 30-year effort to protect wild salmon from industrial salmon farms.

The salmon farms operating in BC are largely owned by three Norwegian-based companies. Wild salmon have not survived their operations anywhere in the world.  Thirty BC salmon farms have already been closed by First Nations to protect wild salmon.  As a result, sea lice infections on young wild salmon migrating through those areas look beautifully healthy for the first time in decades. Sadly these fish are exposed to other salmon farms as they migrate to sea.

Cristina Mittermeier
Cristina Mittermeier

The last 79 BC salmon farm licenses will expire this summer. 

This provides you an unprecedented opportunity to help restore the salmon that feed 100 wild species, including whales, bears and even the forests that are drawing carbon out of our atmosphere. 

By signing this petition you are supporting and encouraging the Canadian Minister of Fisheries not to renew the last BC salmon farm licenses and grant young wild salmon safe passage as they migrate from the rivers where they are born to their open ocean feeding grounds.

Your help is absolutely critical. Please consider adding your name to our petition asking the Minister of Fisheries not to renew the last salmon farm licenses and prevent further devastation for our keystone species.

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