Tell EU Leaders to Stop the Shark Fin Trade in Europe

24,988 signed. Let’s get to 30K.

Add your name to the official letter to end the shark fin trade. We are urging decision-makers in the European Commission, Council, Parliament and national governments of the EU, to stop this horrific trade.

For decades, the shark fin trade has been the leading cause of the overfishing of sharks. Many countries, including Canada, the UK, and the United States, have taken the necessary steps to end their participation in the trade — but the European Union still lags behind.

The EU is the single largest supplier of shark fins to the Asian fin markets, contributing 45% of the total fins in the global trade. Shark populations have declined by 70% in the High Seas in the last 50 years and the shark fin trade is a key contributor.

Through the EU Citizens’ Initiative’s “Stop Finning — Stop the Trade,” a movement has been underway to ask the European Union to take action against the trade of shark fins. More than 1.1 million EU citizens have signed, reaching the threshold required for the European Commission to respond.

The European Commission will need to detail what actions it will propose in response to the EU Citizens Initiative — but it can still fully reject the demand to outlaw the shark fin trade. The first decision deadline is July 11th, 2023, when the EU Commission will deliver its initial proposal. 

We can’t let up the pressure now. Join us in urging the European Commission and Parliament, and national government representatives, to finally end the EU’s enablement of the shark fin trade.

Today, a third of all shark and ray species are already threatened by extinction due to unregulated commercial fisheries. Despite conclusive scientific proof to the contrary, the industrial fishing lobby continues to spread misinformation, claiming that shark populations are stable and that their overexploitation of sharks is sustainable.

As a global community, we cannot stand by and watch as the ocean’s biodiversity is irreparably destroyed. Pacific Island Nations, the US, Canada and the UK have taken action and banned the trade of shark fins. We now call on Europe to act.

Add your name to the letter to demand a #FinBanNow in the EU.

Click here to view the official letter.

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item?.flag flag 30 minutes ago
Marianne C

The shark fin trade is disgusting

item?.flag flag 1 hour ago
Annette P

it's barbaric.

item?.flag flag 1 hour ago
Vanessa W

We should protect and respect these amazing creatures and stop this barbaric, senseless cruelty.

item?.flag flag 1 hour ago
Rhiane K

its barbaric, cruel and completely unnecessary

item?.flag flag 1 hour ago
Annabel K

this unnecessary and barbaric practice needs to be bought to an end

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Maria S

this is barbaric!

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Jean B

No creature should suffer for human greed

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Maggy V

its barbarick

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Kim P

it's a cause worth my time

item?.flag flag 2 hours ago
Ann B

I have no words

item?.flag flag 3 hours ago
Dee M

It's obvious, surely!

item?.flag flag 3 hours ago
Juliette B

I am signing because sharks are essentiel to the ocean's ecosystem

item?.flag flag 4 hours ago
Jana K

its an animal cruelty! what if we will start chopping hands to the leaders first see if they like it ??!!

item?.flag flag 4 hours ago
Helga B

it's one of the cruellest things man can do...bRbaricits equivalent to chopping someone 's legs of and saying go get your food😡😡😡 there's so much more I could say but you'd ban it 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Susan C

the whole idea of such cruel behaviour to any creature at all just horrifies me. When are we going to learn that all species are precious, have feelings, and their role to play on this precious planet.

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Ruth D

this is such a sad endorsement human greed destroying innocent life

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Michael B

This is abhorrent!

item?.flag flag 5 hours ago
Carole H

this cruelty has to stop!! Every living breed on this planet needs protection against the greedy, cruel people who have no care for anything!

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Sandra K

it is cruel, barbaric and totally unacceptable

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Theresa B

This is absolutely barbaric.

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
peter s

sharks released with their fins chopped off have a miserable death! this is totally the cruelest think imaginable beyond belief that the EU won't ban this cruel trade

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Rosemary T

This is disgusting because the poor animal must be in agonising pain! Please stop this awful injustice now!!!

item?.flag flag 6 hours ago
Lindsey M

this practice is sickening. let's stop this before we loose precious marine life because of our complete disregard to living animals

item?.flag flag 7 hours ago
Lisa H

This is obscene and completely unnecessary!

item?.flag flag 7 hours ago
Angela F

this is barbaric

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