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Urge the Army Corps of Engineers to Block the Toxic Greenfield Terminal

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with Descendants Project and Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation
The West Bank of St. John the Baptist Parish, a pristine 11-mile stretch along the Mississippi River, is a historic and cultural gem that is on the brink of irreversible damage.

This area, recently recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Places due to the proposed influx of toxic industry, is home to many descendants of enslaved people from the nearby Whitney and Evergreen Plantations. Its survival as an agrarian landscape for over 300 years stands as a testament to its significance and resilience.

But now, Greenfield Louisiana LLC, a company from Denver, wants to erase this vital history by building what would be one of the world’s largest grain elevators - the Greenfield Terminal - in the heart of this historic area. This towering structure, as tall as the Louisiana Superdome, would cause serious environmental harm, potentially disturb archaeological remains and burial grounds, and become a gateway for further industrialization by the oil and gas industry. 

Born and raised in Wallace, Jo and Joy Banner founded the Descendants Project, a nonprofit working to protect the descendants of enslaved peoples' past, present, and future from petrochemical expansion.

The time to act is now. By letting this project advance, we risk losing irreplaceable cultural assets and the chance for St. John’s community to explore other sustainable economic opportunities that can bring in good jobs that don’t create so much irreversible harm. 

In partnership with the Descendants Project and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, we are urging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deny the permit for the Greenfield Terminal, and respect the rich history and culture of this region.

Your signature can make a difference. Stand with us to prevent this toxic industrial development, safeguard Louisiana’s shared heritage, and protect its future. Sign and share the petition today to show decision-makers that we won’t stand idly by and let industrial expansion steamroll our communities.

*This is the second phase of our campaign with the Descendants Project to block the Greenfield Grain Terminal. You can see the first phase of the campaign here, and learn more more about how the terminal would open the door to new, toxic industry in Cancer Alley.

item?.flag flag 16 hours ago
Rebecca D

I care

item?.flag flag 23 hours ago
Leigh O

We need fewer, not more, toxic locations in the U.S.

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Evgeniya F

I love my olanet

item?.flag flag 2 days ago
Linda P

it’s ecologically a critical area.

item?.flag flag 4 days ago
Elaine H

Animals and their habitats are being lost

item?.flag flag 5 days ago
Ad B

it is normal to protect the environment and nature

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Marisela O

Save nature

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Lucia B

it is definetely not appropriate to destroy the enviroment and make profit for the oil industry in da

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Adam L

some things that are done cannot be undone.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Jessica L

no more cheap excuses for environmental destruction, please

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
gracey g

life matters more

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Alyona M

i want to protect environment and animals

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Nina E

I want to help try and save this stunning earth for my family and for the many generations to come before it really is to late.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
steve s

It is necessary

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Susan M

We all must do what we can to protect the meagre vestiges of the natural world.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Susan V

Just the word "toxic" makes this an important issue. We need to protect the planet and its creatures, ourselves included.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Tammy T

All waterways need to be protected.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Philip L

because now its all about nature , and we should live with it not dominating it

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Nita T

Living here in Hawaii ,I have seen the destruction that the military has caused !! They need to be held accountable for their actions.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Robyn B

I don't want more pollution dumped into the Mississippi River to contaminate that historical waterway.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Karen H

I'm signing because the climate emergency is the number one concern for my generation.

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Carter R

mother nature is tired of warning toxic humans

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Carole C

Nature is more important to life. Let our earth be free from destruction. Make love...not war!

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Ana D

STOP.!!! This planet is OUR HOME!!!

item?.flag flag 1 week ago
Maeve M

We're running out of time and every action matters!

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