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Nature is the greatest library that ever existed and we are burning it. We have to react.

Karim Iliya
Underwater Photographer, Drone Pilot, Filmmaker
Iceland & Hawaii, U.S.

El océano es la clave y es la fuente para que este planeta funcione y si no cuidamos y respetamos lo más importante que es el mar y su vida, estaremos llegando al fin de esta tremenda era. El océano es la llave para un futuro más prometedor.

Pangal Andrade
Deportista Extremo, Constructor, Viajero

The ocean is one, and so must we be united around the globe to help contain the damage and protect our Planet Earth.

Maysa Santoro
Biologist, Environmentalist

It is quite amazing that I will be an ambassador of Only One championing the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria — the two water bodies have a history in my heart and hold the story behind a lot of Kenyans.

Rahmina Paullete
Climate Activist, Environmentalist, Wildlife Conservationist

Small, individual actions lead to major change. Put your fins on, jump in the water, and spread the word.

Jorge Cervera Hauser
Filmmaker, Underwater Photographer, Ecotourism Activist

Let’s wear our brightest smiles and unite to create the greatest story the world has ever known: one of changing the world, one ocean at a time.

Delphine Giuliano

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Aishwarya Sridhar

Filmmaker, Presenter, Nat Geo Explorer

An iLCP Emerging Fellow and passionate about India’s wild landscapes and biodiversity, Aishwarya is published globally in BBC Wildlife Magazine, The Guardian, Mongabay, Nat Geo WILD, and more.

Mumbai, India

Alessia Zecchini

Professional Freediver

Alessia is the deepest woman in the world, setting the record for constant weight with monofin to -123m. She holds 35 world records and has been awarded 17 world gold medals.


Alexandra & David

Photographers, Video Editors, Explorers

Two photographers and explorers, forever in search of beautiful places, Alexandra and David currently live in their van in the U.S. exploring National Parks and the wonderful natural world.


Alice Ford

Stunt Woman, Adventure Filmmaker, TV Host

Dedicated to inspiring deeper travel, meaningful living, and embracing nature’s wonders, Alice encourages outdoor experiences and shows that protecting the planet is easier than imagined.


Bárbara Hernández Huerta

Psicóloga Mg, Nadadora Extrema

Conocida como “La sirena de Hielo” por sus desafíos de natación en las partes más frías del mundo, Bárbara se convirtió en la primera persona en nadar 2.5 kilómetros en las aguas heladas de Antártida.

Santiago, Chile

Brandee Anthony

Photographer, Content Creator, Freediver, Mermaid

Brandee an elite level PADI mermaid dive instructor with her business Mermaid Freedive where she teaches and certifies people of all ages to become mermaids and freedivers. She was one of the very first PADI Mermaid instructors in the USA, the first ever pro mermaid PADI AmbassaDiver, and a member of the advisory team that created the Mermaid program.

Camila Torres

Fotografa, Filmmaker

Viajera y amante de los océanos, Camila viaja por el mundo buscando nuevas aventuras y lugares conectados con el océano que la inspiran a seguir tomando registro de lo que la apasiona.


Carissa Cabrera

Marine Biologist, Ocean-climate Storyteller

With a decade's experience in ocean conservation, Carissa runs her own organization, Futureswell, while also collaborating with nonprofits and institutions to inspire the next generation of ocean protectors through community-based restoration, storytelling, and climate solutions.

Hawai'i, U.S.

Cha Ocampo

Ocean Advocate, Freediver, Scubadiver

Manila, Philippines

Charly Savely


Specialized in adventure, travel, wildlife, and commercial photography, Charly is focused and passionate about capturing the disappearing Arctic, as well as minimalist moments.

Alaska, U.S.

Christen Harper

Model, Lifestyle Content Creator

Christen has been a model for over a decade and has been featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. A lover of people and animals, she uses her platform to encourage people to volunteer in their communities and inspires people to glow from within through plant-based eating.

California, U.S.

Christian Vizl

Underwater Photographer

An award-winning underwater photographer with a mission to be a voice of the ocean and for the ocean, Christian believes in the power of photography to foster a deep connection with nature and promote a sustainable future.

Mexico City, Mexico

Cristina Zenato

Founder of People of the Water

Educator and conservationist of sharks, Cristina’s work explores the known and unknown, finding the answers we do not yet have and exploring more the ones we think we have, to realize there is still so much to discover.

Grand Bahama, The Bahamas

Delia García

Creadora de Contenido

Delia García es creadora de contenido, apasionada por viajar y la naturaleza. Le encanta mostrar lugares lindos, y aportar y regresarle al planeta lo todo que ella puede.


Delphine Giuliano


Denyzee, a world-changer, spreads smiles and reduces daily stress, proving that anything is possible. A lifelong philanthropist and avid traveler, she now focuses on preserving our planet for future generations.


Dezz McGill

Digital Creator

Dezz is an up-and-coming climate communicator who creates content on complex climate issues that is accessible to people of all backgrounds and levels of education through her social media platforms.


DJ Shaan

Artist, Producer, DJ

DJ Shaan is India's #1 electronic dance music DJ, from becoming the 1st Indian DJ to play at Tomorrowland to signing with Republic Records, he as done it all. His passion for music transends into love for the plaent and ocean as well!

Eduardo Machuca Eterovic

Adventure Leader, Photographer

An accomplished explorer, expedition leader, and adventure photographer, Machu captures unique landscapes and cultures that inspire human-nature connection and preservation of wild places.


Franziska Trautmann

Glass Recycling & Coastal Restoration Entrepreneur

Franziska is the co-founder and CEO of Glass Half Full, a startup revolutionizing the glass recycling industry by converting glass waste into sand for coastal restoration, disaster relief, and more.

Louisiana, U.S.

Gádor Muntaner

Marine Scientist, Shark Conservationist

Gádor utiliza la ciencia cómo herramienta para la conservación, pero considera imprescindible una buena divulgación, al alcance de todos los públicos, para que se produzcan cambios reales y que todos pueden ser partícipes.

Majorca, España

Guillermo Prieto La Rotta

Documentalista, Escritor, Creador de Contenido

Más conocido como Pirry, ha hecho reportajes en zonas de guerra y historias de acción y aventura. Tiene más de 15 premios periodísticos en su país, y es el único colombiano que ha sido nominado al premio EMMY internacional.

Tunja, Colombia

Héctor Gil

Digital Marketer, Ocean Advocate

Héctor is a social media entrepreneur and founder of Oceans Nation, a platform that seeks to connect people with the beauty of the ocean and the urgency to protect it through captivating visuals and powerful storytelling.


Janina Rossiter

Author, Artivist

Janina Rossiter, a bestselling author, and award-winning illustrator, combines her love for the environment, painting, and children's books in works like "Diamonds, Hearts & Sea Stars!" and "123 Who’s Cleaning the Sea?"

Paris, France

Jay Clue

Photographer, Storyteller, Cinematographer

Jay is an award-winning photographer, educator, and conservationist who uses captivating photography and passionate storytelling to inspire people worldwide to take action and safeguard the natural beauty of our planet.

Jinjara Mitchell

Actress, Director, Advocate

“A lot of people will just do things because they think they can’t make a difference as an individual, but I don’t think that is true. I think each of us can make a difference.”

John Garza

Expedition Leader, Photographer

Captain John merges his passion for diving and marine exploration to foster compassion for the ocean. Leading Purely Blu and co-founding Ocean Outcasts, he transforms perceptions of marine life and inspires others.

Jorge Cervera Hauser

Filmmaker, Underwater Photographer, Ecotourism Activist

Jorge has empowered Baja fishing communities with open ocean tourism and produced the award-winning documentary film México Pelágico. He is also the founder of a major liveaboard and ocean safari operation.


Joseph Awuah-Darko

Artist, Founder, Curator

Joseph is a London-born interdisciplinary Ghanaian artist and Forbes 30 Under 30 Alumnus. He blends Asante heritage with Afrofuturism in Kente textiles and oil stick paintings, and is featured in notable collections and exhibitions worldwide. Joseph is also a curator and founded the Noldor Artist Residency in Accra, Ghana.

Accra, Ghana

Kaley Nelson

Music Photographer

Kaley is a self-taught experimental photographer blending art and music into her craft. She seeks to infuse magic into her work and life, showcasing perspectives that go beyond the ordinary.

California, U.S.

Karim Iliya

Underwater Photographer, Drone Pilot, Filmmaker

Karim, hailing from the Middle East and Asia, documents threatened wildlife like whales and big cats to safeguard Earth’s delicate ecosystems. He recently co-founded Kogia, a nonprofit media library and film team dedicated to ocean conservation.

Iceland & Hawaii, U.S.

Kate Sheridan

Conservation Biologist, Wildlife Content Creator

Kate is a wildlife biologist who has worked all over the world, including researching human-shark conflict, and restoring critically endangered coral reefs. She uses her platform to spread awareness of the beauty of nature and importance of conservation.

Katya Lee

Designer, Singer, Performer

Russian-born, NYC-based talent Katya is a multi-dimensional performance artist who vibrantly weaves dance, singing, and futuristic fashion into her high-tech driven practice.

New York City, U.S.

Kelsey Williamson

Underwater Photographer, Videographer

A talented commercial photographer and creative director, Kelsey captures beauty worldwide, from French Polynesia to Hawaii, using her photography to brand stories and showcase unique places.

French Polynesia & Hawaii, U.S.

Lauren Russell

Ocean Advocate, Underwater Photographer

Lauren is a passionate ocean advocate, diver, and underwater photographer based out of Los Angeles. Her driving force for change comes from a passion for marine mammals, and from seeing the destruction of our oceans and our planet.

California, U.S.

Lea & Stefan

Photographers, Travelers, Sustainable Living

Lea and Stefan are a creative and passionate couple with a mission to inspire and make a change. Together they have traveled through different countries, and learned a lot about sustainability and to be happier with less.

Loreto Vila

Artist, Marine Biologist

An artist with a marine biology background, Loreto has taken part in different conservation initiatives and has donated artwork to ocean charities. She recreates the richness of the underwater world through various techniques inspired by the tattoo world.


Mariano Breccia

Fotógrafo, Multideportista

Mariano le encanta captar momentos increíbles, pero tambien momentos que muestran hasta dónde puede llegar el ser humano como raza depredadora. Como multideportista el océano le brinda la oportunidad de practicar diferentes actividades y deportes, disfrutando e interactuando con él.


Marina Testino

Artivist, Designer, Creative Director

Marina Testino is one of the world’s best-known sustainable fashion trendsetters. Under her own label Point Off View, she delivers forward-thinking creative direction and value-driven change for people and the planet.

Madrid, Spain

Martin Skadal

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Podcast Host

Martin Skadal is an entrepreneur and advocate for environmentalism, animal rights and human rights. He has founded World Saving Hustle and Altruism for Youth, and keeps pushing to help improve the world for all living beings.


Matt Bagley


Matt leads dual lives: a creative in the corporate world and a nature-seeking photographer. He aims to forge a deeper connection to nature and raise awareness through his quest for the perfect shot.

San Remo, Australia

Matthew Kaplan

Lead Ambassador / Underwater Photographer

Matthew has a passion for ocean storytelling and marine conservation. He believes the creation of more marine sanctuaries is a critical solution to restoring marine life and bringing the ocean back to optimal health.

Matt Power


Matt has spent the past years traveling the world and creating vivid artwork to foster a connection to nature and emphasize dramatic scenes. He has collaborated with prestigious clients like The World Surf League, Air Asia, and Roark.

Max Blakesberg

Photographer, Adventurer

Stemming from a water sports background, Max is passionate about creating compelling imagery that educates, inspires, and provides insight into the natural world in which we live.

Florida, U.S.

Maysa Santoro

Biologist, Environmentalist

Maysa is a biologist and freediver who has been dedicated to environmental causes worldwide since 2014, working with wildlife rescue institutions in South Africa and Brazil and traveling the world to showcase the beauty of this planet.


Miguel San Martin

Conservation Biologist

Miguel is a conservation biologist from Mexico with years of experience with urban neotropical owls. He is focused on generating empathy and respect for nature and wildlife through his photographs and documentaries.


Nakeeyat Dramani Sam

Climate Change Advocate, Poet, Writer

Known as Nakeeyat the Poet, her words and poetry have made her a distinguished speaker since the age of seven. Since then, she has written a children’s book, spoken at COP 27, and raised awareness on the climate issues facing her home country.


Nathalie Boltt

Director, Writer, Actress

“Spending time in the ocean and the forest is my greatest way of reconnecting with nature and remembering who and what I am. I am part of nature, just like you, just like every living being on Earth. If we create and maintain harmony, we thrive.”

Nicholas Vallejo

Recycling Specialist, Climate Communications

Nick Vallejo is a dedicated recycling specialist with the City of San Diego, known for his passion for environmental advocacy. With a growing social media presence focused on climate communication, Nick uses his platform to educate and inspire others to take action.

California, U.S.

Nicolas Marín Benítez

Fotógrafo Submarino, Explorador de Nat Geo, Activista

Fotógrafo submarino, buzo y explorador de National Geographic, Nicolas trabaja con equipo de biólogos y científicos reportando comportamientos de especies en peligro de extinción. Promoviendo la conservación de los océanos y sus especies.


Nora En Pure

DJ, Producer

South African-born, Swiss-based DJ Nora En Pure has captivated crowds with cinematic soundscapes and mesmerizing performances. From Coachella to Burning Man, Tomorrowland to Panorama NYC, she shines.

Olesya Leuenberger

Mrs Switzerland World, Model, Artist

Olesya is an animal and environmental lover and supporter. She believes each voice can make a difference and, once united, we can change the future for our children for a better, safer and cleaner planet.

Zurich, Switzerland

Pangal Andrade

Deportista Extremo, Constructor, Viajero

Nacido y criado en las montañas de Chile, Pangal siempre vivió en conexión con la naturaleza, sintiéndo y aprendiendo de ella día a día y también disfrutándola con los diferentes deportes que realiza.


Paolo Tagliabue

Underwater Photographer

Paolo grew up near the Italian mountains, never imagining that he would spend his life exploring the oceans. He was mesmerized by the sea's wildlife, and his goal is to document the underwater world, sharing his love for the ocean and inspiring others to protect its beauty.

Rachel Brooks

Wildlife Artist, Scientific Illustrator

With a background in zoology, marine biology, and scuba diving, Rachel has spent years in the field among her subjects and advocating for UK marine life and sharks.

Oban, Scotland

Rachel Moore

Photographer, Explorer, Sailor

For the better part of the last decade, Rachel has spent her life on the ocean, and can’t imagine a life away from the sea. She hopes to use her voyage, voice, and photography to bring awareness to the global issues that we are currently facing today.

Rahmina Paullete

Climate Activist, Environmentalist, Wildlife Conservationist

Rahmina is a young climate activist, most notably known for her work amplifying the damage done to Lake Victoria. She created an eco-product line aimed at removing water hyacinths from Lake Victoria, and founded Kisumu Environmental Champions.


Roberto Ochoa

Marine Wildlife Videographer

Roberto’s personal mission is to use his videos which are often highly emotional, evocative, and very beautiful, to ignite a conversation about the future of our planet’s natural wonders and to inspire action.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Sandy Schmidt

Conservationist, Digital Marketer, Impact Campaigner

Cofounder of Operation Rich Coast in Costa Rica, Sandy is dedicated to inspiring communities and future leaders through the organization of nature cleanups.

Sharon Weil Hornstein

Photographer, Artist, Explorer, Kiteboarder

Sharon spends her days in, on and around the sea capturing the beauty of our planet. Chasing the sun, storms, wind and waves, her magical images soothe, engage, and reveal her passion for our natural world.

Turks & Caicos Islands

Stephania "Sukantti" Sánquiz

Actor, Singer, Dancer, & Yogini

Sukantti, born as Stephania Sánquiz, is a versatile artist from Venezuela. She has appeared in soap operas and Off-Broadway shows, achieved a No.1 hit, and much more. Based in Los Angeles, she advocates for nature and animals while staying true to her artistic path.

California, U.S.

Tamara Blazquez Haik

Conservation Photographer

Tamara Blazquez Haik is a conservation photographer and storyteller from Mexico City. Her work has been published by media such as National Geographic en Español and she is also an avid environmental activist working to protect our planet.

Mexico City, Mexico

Terence Tong

Underwater Photographer, Content Creator

Based in Australia, Terence aims to capture the beauty of the ocean and its various creatures. He uses storytelling to spread awareness and conservation. All his photography and videos are taken whilst freediving.

Sydney, Australia

Terry McGinnis

Technology Entrepreneur

Technology entrepreneur and founder of a sustainable e-commerce company in the UK, Online Shop, Terry is trying to fight emissions and pollution. He is also Beyonk’s Head of Growth, which aims to protect the environment and get people to experience nature and the outdoors.


Twigy Feng


As a passionate, eager to explore, and protector of the Ocean, Twigy is on a mission. She never stops talking about the water, and how she or anyone else could be part of conservation.

China & U.S.

Weldon Wade

Diver, Author, Ocean Advocate

With over a decade of experience in ocean conservation, Weldon runs his own organization, Guardians of the Reef, while also serving on Boards and collaborating with other nonprofits and institutions to inspire present and future generations of ocean activists through community-based initiatives, media, and outreach.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Zaria Forman


Zaria travels to remote regions of the world to collect images and inspiration for her work documenting climate change with pastel drawings. She has flown with NASA on several missions and was the artist-in-residence aboard the National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica.

New York, U.S.

Hannes Klostermann / Ocean Image Bank

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