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In this four-part series, hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist Gloria Riviera, we discover how our plastic world came to be. We look at what’s next and how we can learn from communities like St. James Parish in Cancer Alley to make a difference in our backyards.

This series is produced by Lemonada Media and presented in partnership with Only One.

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Meet Rise St. James

Rise St. James is a faith-based grassroots organization that is fighting for environmental justice as it works to defeat the proliferation of petrochemical industries in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

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Jethro Carullo

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Hold Shell Accountable in Pennsylvania

Shell has turned on a massive industrial plastics complex in Western Pennsylvania that risks poisoning the local air and water. Urge Shell to implement basic health and safety measures to protect the surrounding communities from danger.

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No More Toxic Plastic Plants in Cancer Alley

Stopping the devastating expansion of polluting petrochemical plants hinges on blocking the buildout of an industrial dock and grain facility in Wallace, Louisiana. Tell Governor Edwards and Louisiana leaders to #BlockTheDock.

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Breathe This Air

The plastics crisis is a truly global issue, and its causes and consequences must be addressed comprehensively and consistently. The short film above, produced by Peak Plastic Foundation, focuses on the environmental justice aspects of this crisis.

Avila Beach, California · Tim Mossholder

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Tell Our Leaders to Break Free From Plastic

U.S. leaders have a chance to act on a major measure to address the plastic pollution crisis, the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act. This is the most comprehensive plastics policy ever introduced at the federal level, and we need it more than ever. Urge the U.S. government to break free from plastic.

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Call on Leaders to Fund Research on the Impact of Plastic in Our Blood

In 2022, microplastic particles were discovered in human blood for the first time, with 80% of the people who took part in the study testing “plastic positive.” Urge the UK government to allocate £15 million ($19 million) from an existing research fund to study the human health impacts of plastic. 

Common Seas
Daisy Daisy

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