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Dear friends,

With another year drawing to a close, I am already feeling nostalgic for all the beauty and joy I have experienced since we kicked off our first year aboard the SeaLegacy 1. It’s been the longest extended trip of my career and I’ve spent most of that time underwater filming some of our ocean’s most spectacular megafauna. But it wasn’t just the wildlife that made this year truly humbling—it was also the people.

With the help of the entire SeaLegacy and Only One teams, my fellow crew members, the incomparable Cristina Mittermeier, and The Tide—our growing ocean-impact community—we’ve been able to create the kind of powerful storytelling that is necessary to take on the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

This year, we have supported vital ocean projects all over the world. In The Bahamas, we helped our friends rebuild their lives in the wake of a major hurricane and supported programs to help them become certified marine science divers—breaking the barriers between coastal communities and their own marine resources.

When I finally reach the end of this wild ride and I am resting on my deathbed, these are the memories that I will cherish most. 

Please consider donating monthly and joining me in becoming part of The Tide: our impact community of over 8,000 people like you investing in our work to support ocean solutions around the world.

Each month, you’ll receive a report straight from the front lines of our conservation mission detailing how your contribution is creating lasting change for our blue planet. I hope you will join me on the adventure and stand with us for our ocean.


Paul Nicklen

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