Nature’s stories and connections

In this episode of Upwell, we chat with Ami Vitale, a National Geographic photographer, filmmaker, writer, speaker, and founder of Vital Impacts.

Show Notes

In the conversation, Ami shares some of the stories and interactions she has experienced over the years and how those moments have informed her conviction that we are all fundamentally interconnected — with each other and with nature. She also shares her evolution in focus, from areas of conflict to communities of cooperation, and some of the consistent threads she has seen in this coverage.

You can find Ami on Instagram, Twitter, and her website, and you can find the Vital Impacts Winter Collection on their website.

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Additional Resources

  • CNN story on the elephant sanctuary in Northern Kenya

  • Read Ami’s report on the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Northern Kenya

  • Watch Ami’s short documentary, Shaba

  • Explore the Vital Impacts Winter Collection

  • National Geographic special on Women of Impact

  • National Geographic story on former foes uniting to save giraffes

  • Ami’s story in National Geographic on covering the last northern white rhino

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