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Shawn Heinrichs / Filmmaker, Photographer, Conservationist, and Cofounder of Only One

In this episode of Upwell, we chat with Shawn Heinrichs, a photographer, conservationist, Emmy-winning cinematographer, and cofounder of Only One.

Show Notes

In the conversation, Shawn talks about what has driven his own passion for the ocean, his favorite moments in the water, how storytelling can advance critical conservation work, and the global campaign to protect requiem sharks.

You can find Shawn on Instagram and Facebook.

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Additional resources for this episode
  • Shawn’s TEDx Talk on art inspiring action to protect the ocean

  • Shawn’s photo Mother’s Love with a humpback whale and her calf in Tonga

  • Racing Extinction trailer and background

  • Shawn’s article on mako sharks and past campaigns to protect them in CITES

  • Only One explainer video on four things to know about requiem sharks

  • Only One article about the world’s first conservation province in West Papua

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