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Tessa Callaghan / Cofounder and CEO, Keel Labs

In this episode of Upwell, we chat with Tessa Callaghan, who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Keel Labs, which produces sustainable textiles that harness the power of the ocean.

Show Notes

In the conversation, Tessa shares what inspired her to launch Keel Labs, the environmental benefits of using seaweed in textile, the process for making the company’s yarns, and her vision for the future of the company.

You can find Tessa on LinkedIn, and you can learn more about Keel Labs on their website, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Additional Resources

  • Forbes article on Tessa and another Keel Labs cofounder Aleksandra Gosiewski, back when the company was known as “AgriKnits”. 

  • Article from Knitting Industry on AgriKnit’s rebranding to Keel Labs and the launch of Kelsun. 

  • Article from The Business Download on Keel Labs and their journey in the sustainable textile industry.

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