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Black Voices of the Ocean

Amplifying Black leaders in marine conservation

Black leadership is a gift and a powerful asset to our institutions, our growing ocean economy, and our efforts to teach the next generation about caring for our seas. Here, we share the stories of Black ocean leaders both to celebrate their extraordinary accomplishments and to support them in their work to shift the status quo of marine conservation.

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Black History Month

An important step to transform the landscape of marine conservation

Discover the stories of Black ocean leaders

Veta Wade

Reconnecting Afro-Caribbean people with marine conservation
4 min read

Weldon Wade

Keeping Bermudian divers diving
3 min read

Textured Waves

Advocating for diversity and inclusion in the surfing community
3 min read

Kramer Wimberley

Restoring our oceans, preserving Black heritage
2 min read

Tracey Baptiste

Bringing Caribbean folklore to young readers
3 min read

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