Roots of Hope

Green Seas

Mangroves: The unsung climate heroes

Mangroves can help us slow down climate change and provide life-giving resources for millions of people living in coastal communities. Together, we are working to protect them.

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Gardens of the Queen

Discover Cuba’s mangrove forests and reefs, one of the jewels of the Caribbean


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Diving with Crocodiles

Meet Gusto, a crocodile living in the mangroves in the Gardens of the Queen


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Goliath Grouper

A massive, prehistoric fish finds dinner hidden in a watery maze of mangroves


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Into the Mangroves

Protecting Cuba’s mangroves can help stem climate change and rebuild reefs


Blue Ventures

Mangroves: Explained

The experts give us the lowdown on these extraordinary aquatic trees


The grave losses caused by mining the jewel of Cambodia’s mangrove forests
Kalyanee Mam
6 min read
Tahiry Honko: The communities pioneering mangrove conservation
Diego Jiménez
12 min read
Calculating the surprising value of a mangrove forest
Octavio Aburto
8 min read

Lalao Aigrette

Leaving a heritage for future generations: Mangroves in Madagascar
A decade of advocating for the extraordinary benefits of blue carbon
Emily Pidgeon
12 min read
Heaven on Earth: Exploring the underwater maze of a mangrove forest
Cristina Mittermeier
9 min read
Mangroves to Fight the Next Tsunami: Aceh, Indonesia
Jane Madgwick, Fred Pearce
9 min read



The Mighty Mangrove Tree: An unsung hero for people and nature


The Power of Blue Carbon: How coastal ecosystems help us tackle the climate crisis


Protect mangroves to help stem climate change
Support mangrove beekeeping in Thailand

Contributors A-Z

Cicelin Rakotomahazo
Blue Forests Coordinator, Blue Ventures
Cristina Mittermeier
Co-founder, SeaLegacy & Only One
Emily Pidgeon
Blue carbon scientist, Conservation International
Fred Pearce
Environment writer
Jane Madgwick
CEO, Wetlands International
Kalyanee Mam
Lalao Aigrette
Blue Forests Lead, Blue Ventures
Leah Glass
Mangroves Lead, Blue Ventures
Octavio Aburto
Ocean scientist & photographer
Blue Ventures
Locally led marine conservation
Conservation International
Environmental organization
Mangrove Action Project
Mangrove conservation & restoration