Great Hammerhead Sharks

Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey to the Bahamas, up close and personal with one of the ocean's most feared and misunderstood creatures. Witness the power and grace of great hammerheads (Sphyrna mokarran) and learn about their unique behaviors. In this episode, we'll explore the importance of conservation efforts to protect these magnificent species that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem.

Writer & Narrator: Paul Nicklen

Executive Producer: Martha Rogers

Producer: Katie Lin

Cinematography: Paul Nicklen

Director of Post-Production: Chad Richmond

Editor: Andrew Webber, Josh Blasman, Nikki Riddy

Sound Designer: Stephanie Gonzalez

Additional Camera: Shelton Dupreez, Kyle Roepke

Digital Asset Manager: Julian Henao

Special thanks: Bahamas National Trust, Bimini Scuba Center, Bimini Shark Lab

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