Directing the deep sea

In this episode of Upwell, we chat with Matthieu Rytz, the director and producer of Deep Rising, a new documentary that is premiering this year at Sundance that explores the fate of the deep ocean as a small set of regulators and companies open it up to exploration for rare metals.

Show Notes

In the conversation, we discuss what’s fueling the global race for nodules at the bottom of the ocean, the impact mining may have on vital marine ecosystems, how The Metals Company secured the licenses for this exploration, and the responsibility of the International Seabed Authority to govern this territory.

You can find Matthieu Rytz on his website, and learn more about Deep Rising here.

Take action

Join the global campaign calling for a moratorium on deep-sea mining.

Additional Resources

  • Matthieu Rytz and Jason Momoa Sundance interview on the film

  • Variety review of the film

  • New York Times Daily episode and article covering The Metals Company and the International Seabed Authority

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