Navigating the path forward for the High Seas Treaty

In this episode of Upwell, we chat with Nichola Clark, an officer from the Pew Charitable Trusts and an expert in protecting ocean life on the high seas.

Show Notes

In the conversation, we discuss background on the high seas, current threats facing these areas beyond national jurisdiction, and pathways towards protection. We also dive into the dynamics of the High Seas Treaty currently being debated by national delegations, including key components of the treaty text, challenges standing in the way of reaching full agreement, and the steps forward should a treaty be secured.

You can find Nichola on Twitter and the Pew Charitable Trusts on the organization’s website, Twitter, and Instagram. Take action

For this week’s action, join the global campaign urging world leaders to support a high seas treaty. Additional Resources

  • Recent report on steps for effective implementation of a High Seas Treaty

  • New digital tool from Pew outlining key resources and steps towards protecting the high seas

  • Article from Nichola outlining the new digital resource for high seas protection

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