We did it — Canada to end industrial salmon farming by 2025

Trevor Jones

Image © Naturecolors Photography

Trevor Jones

Image © Naturecolors Photography

You raised your voices for salmon and Canada’s Minister of Fisheries, Joyce Murray, listened. Minister Murray officially announced that Canada will bring the era of open-net salmon farms along the British Columbia coast to an end by 2025 🙌 🐟 This is a critical moment in the 30-year effort to protect wild salmon. We can’t thank our supporters enough for your thoughtful actions to save this keystone species. We would also like to extend our tremendous gratitude to one of the campaign’s leaders, Alex Morton, and to our dedicated partners: Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Watershed Watch Salmon Society, Wild Fish Conservancy, Rewilding Argentina, Clayoquot Action, and SeaLegacy. In celebration, we encourage you to take another action on behalf of Canada’s fish and sign the petition calling for the protection of capelin — a crucial forage fish whose population has been driven to depletion.


Trevor Jones

Senior Manager of Campaigns

Someone who loves to be both surrounded by people and isolated in nature, Trevor values the dualities within each of us and hopes to leave the world a better place than he found it.

New York, United States

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