We just launched our biggest campaign yet to protect sharks

Image © Anita Kainrath

Image © Anita Kainrath

Every year, approximately 100 million sharks are killed in commercial fisheries, many for their fins. The insatiable demand for fins in international markets is devastating shark populations, and the problem is only made worse by a shocking lack of regulations in the shark fin trade. Right now, only a quarter of the global fin trade is regulated — which means for 75% of sharks, there’s no way to verify the catch came from a legal source or ensure the trade doesn’t pose a risk to species survival. The lack of oversight is one of the primary reasons that 70% of shark species traded for their fins are now listed as being threatened with extinction. But you can help address this issue. An upcoming vote in November amongst over 180 nations will add critically needed regulation of the global shark trade and help protect endangered species from being exploited in the commercial markets. Can you add your name to our letter urging world leaders to stop the exploitation of endangered sharks in the global shark fin trade? We’re so excited to have you join us on our biggest effort yet to protect sharks.

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