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Not Disposable

Material Change

The fight to end plastic pollution

Plastics were designed to last forever. Now communities and leaders from around the world are fighting to stop plastic pollution and create a healthier, cleaner planet.

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Not Disposable

The end of the plastic pollution story is only the beginning.


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Waste Pickers

All around the world, waste pickers are the backbone of the recycling system.


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Breathe This Air

The petrochemical industry disproportionately harms people of color and low-income communities.


An Introvert’s Guide to Making Plastic History
Dyson Chee
13 min read
Ending the Plastic Tide: Coastal community leaders on the reality of waste
Emy Kane
15 min read
We’ve Been Sold Disposability; We Can Demand a Material Change
Dune Ives
11 min read
Gateway to a Plastic Revolution: The Movement For A Strawless Ocean
Dune Ives
12 min read



The Scale of Plastic Pollution: No place on Earth remains untouched by plastic


Recycling is a Myth: Plastic waste doesn't get a second life


An Oceanful of Plastic: The impact of plastic on marine life


Tell Leaders We Need a Global Treaty to Tackle the Plastics Crisis
Support the Bill to Break Free from Plastic

Contributors A-Z

Dyson Chee
Plastics activist
Kelly Cox
Environmental lawyer
Shawn Heinrichs
Co-founder, SeaLegacy
Dune Ives
Executive Director, Lonely Whale
Adrian Grenier
UNEP Ambassador & Co-founder, Lonely Whale
Emy Kane
Lonely Whale
Kadi Kenk
Management board, Let’s Do It Foundation
Kertia Marley
Marine health activist
Melati Wijsen
Co-founder, Bye Bye Plastic Bags
Bye Bye Plastic Bags
Youth-led plastics movement
Let’s Do It Foundation
Waste activism
Lonely Whale
Incubator for courageous solutions
Miami Waterkeeper
Ocean Heroes Network
Global youth advocacy network
Peak Plastic Foundation
Plastic pollution advocacy