Looking Forward

Warming waters. Stronger storms. Diminishing sea ice. The gentoo penguin — less than a meter tall and recognizable by its red-orange beak and white feathers banded across its head — is in a uniquely vulnerable position. The world’s fastest swimming bird is one of the few penguin species that doesn’t migrate seasonally to feed, breed, and nest. Gentoo and other penguins across Antarctica are now being born out of season, into unfamiliar elements such as freezing rain. But the remarkable adaptability of the gentoo has been a sign of hope, with population sizes exploding since the 1990s as the seabirds move their colonies inland. In this series finale, you'll explore some of the most remote reaches of the Antarctic Peninsula with series director John Weller. Along the way, he’ll guide us through the challenges facing the continent, the penguins and other creatures that call it home, and you'll learn why — no matter the circumstances — hope matters.

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