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New Zealand officially calls for moratorium on deep-sea mining


Costa Rica expands marine protected area to be 27 times larger


60+ species protected by U.S. ban on deadly driftnets

Milestone achieved

One million mangrove trees restored in Mida Creek, Kenya

For everyone who wants to turn climate anxiety into climate action.

Only One gives us incredible tools to make a difference and track our individual impact.

Lauren Russell
Actress, Ocean Advocate
Los Angeles, US

Donating directly to causes that have a positive impact to the planet gives me hope we can solve these major world issues we have created.

Jay Johnstone
Only One Member (Starter Plan)
Murcia, Spain

Only One extends inspiration into tangible, traceable action for all of us.

Carissa Cabrera
Marine Biologist, TikTok Creator
Kailua, Hawaii

I was thrilled to learn that Only One connects activists with regulators to advocate for ocean conservation. I believe they can restore our oceans within the next decade.

Silvia Tower
Only One Member (Hero Plan)

Intuitive, informative, elegant. Taking action to save our planet is “Only One” click away and I can’t stop smiling!

Ümit Hardal
Explorer, Artist, Activist
Copenhagen, Denmark

Only One is awesome. It’s great to have an easy place to go, make change, and learn about what we can all do in our every day lives.

Kelsey Williamson
Underwater Photographer, Videographer
French Polynesia & Hawaii, U.S.

All the impact created is trackable and verifiable, presented in cute dashboards. Why sustainability is so important? Because we have Only One, ONLY ONE planet Earth.

Tien Ming
Only One Member (Starter Plan)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Seeing directly where my money goes and reading stories from the communities who benefit from conservation efforts give me hope that small, consistent actions can create long-term impact.

Olivia Dias Bagott
Digital Designer, Strategist
Florianópolis, Brazil

Our Earth is threatened every day by our actions. I chose to use my voice and donate directly to causes that positively impact our planet and its biodiversity.

Romane Leroy
Only One Member (Starter Plan)
Dunkerque, France

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