Land of the Shallow Seas


Envisioning a resilient future for The Bahamas

The Bahamas is evidently rich in incredible natural resources, from intricate mangrove forests to bright coral gardens to abundant fisheries. Today, myriad stakeholders of the sea are looking to balance competing interests while acknowledging a complex past. Just under the ocean surface, a world of opportunities awaits.

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Series Introduction

Stakeholders of the Bahamian Sea: A view beyond the postcard


Bodies of Water
Short Film
Short Film
Plastic Warriors
Short Film
Understanding Our Deep Ocean Habitats
Short Film
Regrow: Restoring Our Community
Short Film


Alannah Vellacott

The Guardian: Taking care of the Bahamian sea for the next generation
5 min read
The Catalyzer: Promoting conversations that act as a force for change
Kara Jamie Norton
6 min read

Katie Storr

The Documenter: Creating empathy for ocean ecosystems through photography
6 min read

Ocean Changemaker

Why Elijah Sands believes communication and collaboration are vital for The Bahamas’ land and sea
5 min read
Fishing Tales and Seaside Photographs from The Bahamas
Alessandro Sarno
8 min read

Ocean Changemaker

How love, care, and compassion can foster climate resilience
7 min read
Hurricane Dorian: Our recovery from the alarming realities of a warming world
Trevor Oneil Johnson II
7 min read


A Love Letter to the Competent Authority


April 2021

How The Tide is supporting the management of 21 marine protected areas in The Bahamas

March 2021

How The Tide is helping build a team of Certified Community Marine Scientists in The Bahamas

June 2021

How The Tide is strengthening coastal disaster response in Abaco, The Bahamas

After the Storm: A SeaLegacy Expedition


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Ocean Nation

The Bahamas is home to a magical ocean, yet storm clouds loom on the horizon


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The Aftermath

Bahamians are faced with a climate crisis for which they bear little responsibility

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The Rebuild

As many years of rebuilding begins, the Bahamian people have not lost their spirit

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What does an ocean future for The Bahamas look like?

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