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The Faroe Islands hunt: A deep dive into ethics, health, and the environment

Join Only One in an important deep dive about the Grind alongside health, science, and conservation experts.

Join us for a digital experience that sheds light on the Faroese whale hunt. We come together for a deep dive into the ethics, health, and environmental dilemmas surrounding the Grindadráp — featuring expert speakers, conservationists, and a powerful documentary screening.


  • Forrest Galante, Outdoor Adventurer, Television Personality, and Conservationist

  • Manon Dené, International Wildlife Policy Consultant - EU & West Africa Specialist

  • Dr. Pál Weihe, Chief Physician at the Department of Occupational Medicine and Public Health in the Faroe Islands

  • Shawn Heinrichs, Co-Founder of Only One, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Conservationist

Action Items

Sign the petition to stop the cruel hunt in the Faroe Islands.

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